Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bike update

I went to the bike store yesterday for two reasons:

1-Frank got me a little bike computer that tells me how fast I'm going, how far I've gone etc.  He got me this for Christmas and I have never installed it.  Part of the gift was getting it installed at the store.  I kept telling him that part of the gift should also be that he would take it in (we don't have a bike rack so we have to get the bike into the car, which is a hassle so I didn't want to do it!)  He never took it in.  So finally my little crash is what pushed us both over the edge.  We loaded up the bike and took it in.

2- I decided to get normal pedals for my bike.  I mean, I can always go back to the clip ins later after I'm used to the bike.  This is the real reason we went to the bike store.  Getting the computer installed was just a perk.

Well, we got there and showed him the little computer and receipt and asked him to install it.  He did a little double take at the date of purchase but I pretended not to notice.  Then Frank picked out the normal pedals and brought them up.  The guy asked me why I was switching and I told him my whole story about how I do fine unless I'm in an "emergency stop" situation and then I just don't remember to do the little motion to get my foot out.  I might have mentioned that I'm too old to fall over on a bike anymore.

And....he talked me out of switching.

Here are the logical reasons for keeping the clip ins:
I haven't been riding that much since I got the bike.  I really haven't given myself a chance to learn how to use it.
According to him, if I switch to normal pedals I will never switch back. I think he might be right.
Clip in shoes/pedals are so much better for biking form and power.  And I have a bum knee that hurts if I don't use good form so the shoes help with that.


I'm going to give it another go.
I'm going to believe that my brain will figure this thing out and remember to twist my heel outward when I need to have my foot free.

Please, brain! Please!

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  1. You can do it! If you ride more often, right?? I believe in you! 😜