Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My life's about to change

As of 2:45 this afternoon, my life has changed big time.
I accepted a full time job.
My first full time job since my late 20's.
I've been a SAHM for many years now and although I've had a variety of part time jobs over the years, being a mom was always my priority.
I'm not gonna lie, being a mom is still my priority, but the kids have all flown the nest.
And so, I'm back in the work force!

Looking for work after years of being a SAHM and working part time jobs is ROUGH.
It really made me feel like crap when I would apply for jobs that I KNOW I can do and then I don't even get a call.
Not even a single peep.
Then when I did get calls, I would find myself interviewing with a 20 year old kid.
It was not very much fun.

I would look at most jobs and think "I could definitely do that job" but I don't know how to prove that I can do that job.  On paper I am not very impressive.

Anyway, someone hired me and I said yes.
And next time I am looking for a job, I will have something at least a little more impressive on my resume.
But hopefully I will love this job and they will love me and I won't be looking for anything anytime soon.

Now I'm trying to come to grips with the idea that I will soon be wearing "business casual" every day and leaving the house by 7:30 a.m.



P.S. Who am I kidding? OF COURSE they will love me.  Ha!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

An oldie but a goodie

I bought this little side table at a garage sale for $10.
It's possible that I might have overpaid.

Here it is sitting, fresh from the garage sale, in its future home.

It's a cute table at first glance (or if you don't look closely) which is why I bought it. But it appears that just about everything about this table was broken at one time or another and then some of the things were fixed...badly.

I knew it had a broken leg when I bought it.

When I got it home I found a second broken leg that had been fixed possibly with gorilla glue or some other glue that expands and goes all over the place.  It was definitely not the proper wood glue that should have been used.

It is not only broken where it attaches to the base, but also split!
That glue looks oh-so-pretty.

Also the drawer, which I thought was fine, is very broken.  I was sad about that.
It's also been glued in some places but just remains broken in other places.
I will need to shore it up so the bottom doesn't fall out and then somehow fix the side where all of the tongue in groove is just plain missing.

Since it is in such bad shape, I will probably paint least the legs.  
I hope to refinish the top.  
But I don't think I have the skills to fix the legs and be able to stain them.

The legs on this table are so pretty with lots of detail.

The top, though dinged up, looks pretty nice.  
And I like a few dings to show that this table had a life.

That's my latest project, so stay tuned for the finished product sometime in the near future.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

More projects around here

I did a little sewing project on the 4th of July.  It was super hot and I didn't feel like gardening anymore (really though, when do I feel like gardening?) so I decided to make a new drying pad for my dishes.

I bought the one I have now and it's too small so I always end up adding towels all around for the dishes that don't fit.  It's also the wrong color.  I can't seem to find a picture of it though..but, really, who takes pictures of your dishes drying on the counter?  I thought the answer would be ME but I don't know where it is.

Anyway, I got some fabric that was more neutral with some green in it for the new one.  I also made it the exact size of the small countertop by my sink.

Here's my confession:  I did a crap job.
It's wonky...not square.  It doesn't lay flat.  The fabric pattern is slightly askew.
You'd think for someone with OCD tendencies, that I would be more conscientious and make sure things are straight since I know they will bug me later.  But no.  I tend to kind of wing it especially when I am sewing.

When there are no dishes on this towel I can fold it up and put it in the drawer.
But, let's be honest, there's almost never a time when there are no dishes on this towel so it'll be out in perfect view.
It will also have dishes all over it though, so I doubt the imperfection will bug me much.
It's just a dish pad for goodness sake!

If it does bug me I will just ask my perfect sister to make me a new one that isn't as sucky.
Because she, unlike me, actually knows what she's doing with a sewing machine and it will come out perfect.

I also recently finished repainting my bookshelf.
This is the piece of furniture that used to be a TV armoire that I cut in half and made into a bookshelf.  It's funny how attached I am to the furniture that I have worked on. It's just a bookshelf and yet I rearrange to make sure there is a place for it...and for the other things I've worked on.

I originally painted it an antique white about, gosh, 12 or so years ago I'd guess.  It's been a long time.  It was past time for a refresh!
It's made of pine and there were lots of knots showing through and the paint had yellowed over time.
This time I painted it a bright white, the same color as my kitchen cabinets.
I didn't wait for good lighting to take this picture though.

I got some new hardware at a garage sale (50 cents baby!) that I put on the doors. I just had wood knobs before. 

I can't decide what to put on it now though.

Should I make it a useful place?  Put cookbooks and such on there? I've done this in the past.
Should it be mostly decorative?  I have a big(ish) collection of 50's glassware that was my grandmother's that is hiding away in my cupboard.  I think it would be fun to bring that out into the light of day.
I could also do a combination.  Cookbooks on one shelf (I don't have that many) with miscellaneous stuff on the other shelves. I've done this before too.

At Christmas time it's full of nativities.  That is my favorite! It should just be Christmas all year.

My next project is the curtains in the family room/eating area/kitchen.  I'm still looking at fabric swatches so it's a little up in the air.
I'm going to use electrical conduit for the rod, like I did in the front room.  So I've got some work to do to get that all ready.
I keept thinking I will go outside and get started and then I open the door and remember that it's 100 degrees out there.
So the curtain rod will have to wait!
Guess I'll go read a book...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Book shopping

I used to buy a lot of books but for awhile now I have been using the online library and checking out e-books that I read on my iPad.
I really love using the library because 1-it's free and 2-I find that I read things that I wouldn't have chosen when browsing a bookstore.

Sometimes I go to the "available now" section and just pick the first book that comes up (unless it is a romance novel...I skip those).  I have read a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books that I have really loved by choosing this way.

Another thing I like to do is to look at the books when I go to Costco.  If a book strikes me as interesting I will snap a picture of the cover to see if it is available at the library.

Here are a couple of books that recently caught my eye.  I haven't read either of them yet.

A few years ago I read a good book that I found in the "available now" section.  I really enjoyed it.

Later I saw a book at Costco that had an interesting cover.  I didn't read the back or anything, just snapped a picture of it based on the cover art.  It turned out to be available at the library so I checked it out.  Part way through I realized it was familiar but I kept reading because I couldn't remember the ending.  I did remember the ending before I was done but I finished the book anyway because it was a good book.  You guessed it, it was the same book.

And then, some months later, I saw a book in the library list that looked interesting.  I checked it out.  Unbelievably it was the same book!  This time I realized it earlier in my reading but not until I started'd think by this point I would recognize the title or author! It did have different cover art so maybe that threw me?  I don't know.  Anyway, despite recognizing the story, I read the book again.  I am one of those people that doesn't mind re-reading a book or re-watching a movie, or eating the same thing day after day for that get the point.

You will be pleased to know that I now have that book, the author, the title and the storyline firmly in my memory bank.  I don't think I will accidentally read it again.

For curious minds:  State of Wonder by Anne Patchett

Telling this story did make me think that I should find some other books by this author to read because, obviously, I really liked this book!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I worked in the garden. It's a miracle.

July 3
Today Frank and I did an amazing amount of yard work.
Frank often works in the vegetable garden but I am not usually found working outside.
Today I decided that I would get serious and work on the front flower garden.

The most exciting addition to our yard is our cute little peach tree!
I'm so excited to have a peach tree because I love peaches SO MUCH.
We won't get any fruit for 3 years but I will be anxiously waiting and watching and talking nicely to that tree.

Its so little!

I have a whole plan for my front garden area but I've been slow at implementing it.
Mostly because I hate working in the garden.

I bought the bushes for under the window
and then I also bought some annuals to add some flowers and color to the area.
I weeded and weeded and weeded.
We put mulch down so until the new weeds emerge, it's looks awesome.
The trick will be to pull the weeds as they come up.
Yep, that's the trick.

It just looks like a lot of green in these pictures but I promise there is some color here...

I planted some purple petunias 
(they look droopy here but it was right after planting and they perked up)

Daisies! I love daisies and I'm excited to have them year after year.

Marigolds are going in tomorrow.
I was just too dang hot to keep going.

These pink cuties are called Cranberry Lace

I also planted some ground cover to help with weed suppression.  I bought them without doing any research though and upon further inspection it appears I may have planted an aggressive plant that I will regret later. Hmmm.

Frank worked like a dog in the backyard.
He planted the peach tree.
He put down mulch and tilled the entire planting area by the back fence (preparing it for raspberry bushes! Yay!)

Carter, learning how to use the tiller

plus he mulched and tilled the strawberry patch.  We are planting new plants there that will give us bigger berries for a longer period.

The most important fact to note is that it was 97 degrees outside today.  Oh man, it was hot.
But we just took short breaks when needed ( in the shade) and got back to work as soon as possible.
I was pretty impressed with myself.

Sadly I only got one of my two flower beds done so I have more work tomorrow...

July 4
Update: I got up bright and early before it became as hot as the sun outside (Arizonans can just keep their opinion to themselves here) and planted my marigolds and also some ground cover under the big cherry tree.  I didn't buy enough of the ground cover so I will have to get more tomorrow, dangit.

The north garden spot after planting marigolds.  I've already seen lots of bees and a few butterflies!!
My petunias look happier today
bad picture but if you squint you can see the new plants under the tree

I still have the second flower garden (south side) to do and just looking at it makes me depressed!  So much weeding to do and I really need to move some of the plants because that side is really shady once the tree leafs out and the plants aren't too happy.  And the whole area just looks bad!

This area is in the shade for the most part so, in theory, I could work on it all day if needed.  Of course it is still supposed to be 100 degrees in the shade so that sounds awful to me.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Something to be thankful for: June 2017

June 1: Carter! Because it's his birthday today and because he's a fun, nice, pleasant guy.
June 2: I started back at my volunteer job in the temple today after taking a few months off.  I'm glad to be back and thankful that I can go there each week.
June 3: I'm thankful for garage sales with friends.
June 4: Ryan! Because it's his birthday and because I love him. He's funny and cynical and sweet (yep, I said it are sweet! Especially with kids.  So good with kids) and I miss having him around.
June 5: Thankful that Frank was willing to paint the big wall tonight.
June 6: A good visit to the headache doctor and a fun lunch with Beverly.  Good day.
June 7: I canned some amazing home made bone broth so now,  of course, I feel like a superstar.
June 8: Cousins lunch!  I really love my family and that includes my extended family.  If I could do family stuff every week I would totally do it.  These gals are fun and funny and I love spending time with them.
June 9: Being available to help my dad and spend time with my mom.  It's a good thing.
June 10: We had a fun outing with another couple in the ward...we did frisbee golf followed by ice cream cones at the Purple Turtle. Yay for friends!
June 11: Thankful for a really good Relief Society lesson on marriage.
June 12: Carter and Harley and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonight and it was a fun time together!
June 13: I'm thankful that Frank got the propane cooktop all set up before he went out of town so that I could can all of my latest batch of beef broth without having to do anything but jars. I hate dealing with propane or lugging heavy things. Canning is enough work without all that! ha!
June 14: I'm thankful that I could spend several hours doing NOTHING today.
June 15: I'm thankful for a reliable car so I can drive to Logan without stressing.
June 16: Today is freshman orientation for Carter at Utah State.  I'm thankful he will be within driving distance when he's in college.  I hated sending my other kids across the country.
June 17: Had a fun time at Diane's house celebrating Chantel's birthday and getting to see Daren and family.
June 18: I asked some of the Dads of the kids in my sunday school class to come in and give stories from their lives where they learned about the gospel.  It was so great and a spiritual lesson for me (and hopefully for the kids as well!)
June 19: Carter fixed us one of his favorite snacks from Japan.  I can't remember the name now but it was tasty...a sausage mixture with veggies inside a roll and then steamed.
June 20: I had to talk myself into going to the Relief Society activity tonight but I did it...and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself.  I'm sure thankful for the people who put so much time and effort into activities like this.
June 21: Happy Birthday to my dad today!  I'm thankful for him.
June 22: I was able to go over to my parents house and help them with a couple of things.  I fixed the Netflix which had signed out, I got them signed up for automatic payments for their cell phones and I cancelled the old cell service.  I'm so glad I'm close enough to be helpful now!
June 23: I got to spend some time with my old friend Jennifer and also got to see her husband and some of her awesome kids. She is one of my forever friends and I love it when I get to see her!
June 24: I got out of work early ;-)  haha just kidding, sort of. I do love the people I work with but I wasn't disappointed to go home early and enjoy the nice day and get some things done.  I also went on a date to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean with my hubby.
June 25: I love walking to church on a nice day.
June 26: We had dinner with our good friends from Pennsylvania tonight. There were a few of our old friends there and it was such a fun night! The Petersons are headed off to be mission president for the Houston mission (the same mission Frank went to). So proud of them.
June 27: I had an unusually fun day at work! yay! I was also able to give blood.  I'm grateful that I am able to do that when I have seen first hand what a difference it makes!
June 28: Just a totally relaxing day today. Yes, I'm thankful for days like this!
June 29:I got to spend time with my parents today.  We went to lunch at Costco and then mom came over for a movie.  We watched Beauty and the Beast and she loved it.  Then we just enjoyed the lovely back porch for a bit before taking her home.  It was nice.
June 30: I was able to help out a woman in the neighborhood.  She is having lots of trials but when I dropped her back home, she was the one inspiring me! She told me that she loves to serve and to call her anytime.  What an amazing example she is to me!