Monday, June 13, 2016

Maui: Day Nine

Last Day
June 10, 2016

Check out was at 11 am but we discovered that our hotel has a sister property down the road with a hospitality room that we could use.
So after we check out of our hotel, we went over there to check it out.
They had a lovely beach and chairs.
The sister property was WAY nicer than where we stayed and we were wishing we'd known that we could take advantage.
Ah well, next time.

We were pretty happy to find that we didn't have to get on the plane feeling sandy and sweaty.

We sat on the beach for awhile and then moved to the shady area under the palm trees to read and relax.

As we sat here enjoying our last day, Frank got an email saying that his flight had been changed, again.
He had to get on the phone and try to get it fixed since we had to be back by Saturday afternoon and the flight change caused them to miss a connection and they woulndn't be getting home till late Saturday evening.
It was a little bit stressful getting it worked out but they got a new flight in the end.
They had to leave at 4 though instead of 8 so we packed up, cleaned up and headed to the airport.

Frank and Carter flew from Maui to Honolulu and then direct from Honolulu to Salt Lake.

My flight didn't leave for several hours after theirs so I just read my book.
The boys landed in Honolulu and took off again before I had even boarded my first flight!

I did luck out and get a whole row to myself though once I got on my flight.
That was very nice since it was a red-eye.
(I still didn't sleep much but at least I wasn't crowded)

Here is the sunrise as we flew toward home.

Vacations are always fun but there is something nice about being home.
Ryan had the house clean for us when we arrived, but of course we started unpacking and doing laundry and soon had the whole house looking like a disaster...
and it still looks that way.

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  1. Oh man! The hospitality room sounds heavenly! Too bad you didn't know earlier, i bet they didn't tell you on purpose. Ha! So I'm wondering what airline you guys used so that I NEVER USE IT, EVER EVER EVER. I can't believe a business can run that way!