Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reality sets in

I told my son that I would like to send him a care package and asked him for suggestions of things he might like to get.
Here is the list he sent me:

clorox wipes
dank food
 (for you folks who aren't as hip as you should be, "dank" means good)
Oregon cheese
vegetable oil
trash bags

Yes, I think the reality of living on his own has truly set in when his idea of a fun box from Mom includes trash bags, cooking oil and soap!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The ol' Junkitz days

I have been trying to organize my new scrapbook/craft space
and I came across these little scraps of paper that I've been keeping forever.
They contain quotes that I thought were funny from my Junkitz buddies.

Only the people who were there will get any sort of chuckle out of these
But I have to document them here or they will be lost forever!
And I just can't have that.
They are from a cross country trip that the group went on together.  
I was only there for the last few days but it was

I LOVED my time working at Junkitz.
I met amazing, fun people and I am still friends with them today.

The quotes are in no particular order:

Candice: Well I already have four but ....ok.

Annette: I hadn't thought of that.  But now that you mention it, I think I'm scared and I'm going to my room.

Donna: Sometimes I really question what comes out of my mouth.

Debbie to Candice:  Don't tell me, it's your husband's and it smells like him.

Candice: Is it a bad sign when the check in desk is covered by bullet-proof glass?

Japanese Restaurant: Who the Daddy? Who the Daddy?  (while smacking the meat)

Stacey: I felt a vibe.  Did you feel a vibe?

Donna: I wasn't afraid of not being loved...just that I wouldn't have a good time.

Donna: Al Roker looks just like his wax dummy.

Al Roker: Scrapbookers. Wow. 
(No exclamation point because he said it with that much excitement)

Annette: The crude talk is getting to me. It's so unlady-like.

Stacey: It's the kind of place where you don't want any of your body parts touching anything.

Stacey: You guys are hicks.

Annette: Hold me.

Stacy Y: You mean you can't ever stand by the street here?

Debbie: I don't trust any of my sphincters well enough to do that.

Janna: Are you having a moment or is something wrong with your eye?

After looking through my photos to add a few here I can definitely say
I'm having a moment.