Monday, May 22, 2017

Problems that aren't real problems

Here's the thing:  I am one of those people who does not like stuff all over my countertops.
In my perfect kitchen there might be one thing, perhaps a vase of flowers, on my counter.
The rest of the space would be clear of any clutter.

In reality my counter has all kinds of stuff on it.  And I don't seem to be able to change it.

These are the things that are always on the countertop:

Paper towel holder
fruit bowl/banana hook
drying mat for dishes

The paper towel holder doesn't bug me that much.  In my last house I hada rod that hooked to the underside of my cabinets which I liked but it was apparently too hard to work because no one ever changed the paper towel roll but me.  At least this one is easy enough for the guys in the house to work. *sigh*

The toaster drives me nuts.
The cord is too long and also too thick so I can't hide it away.  The crumbs! Ugh.  Today I actually took the toaster outside and shook it with all my might. Then I attacked it with the air compressor. I washed the outside thoroughly and then when I brought it back left crumbs on the counter.  Why is this?
I used to put it in the cupboard after use but my family rebelled.  They want it out and so it is out.

The blender.
What an eyesore.
But it gets used at least once a day...usually more than that.  It's really not worth moving it that many times to have it off the counter for the time that it isn't in use.  Plus I don't really have a place for it.  It still bugs me.  I know if I put in in a cupboard I would hear complaints.
You can see in the picture that the pitcher portion of the blender isn't there. That's because it is on another part of the counter...drying. ugh.

Fruit bowl/banana hook:  It is currently empty but it usually has apples and bananas (I just got home from being in Alaska so we need groceries).  I don't mind how it looks when full of fruit but during garden season it doesn't hold enough so I end up with the bowl plus a big stack of tomatoes all over. Dislike.
I'm thinking of getting  banana hook that attaches to the cupboard and can be folded away when I don't actually have any bananas.  I would still have the fruit bowl but maybe I can put it on the table and force myself to keep the table cleaned off!  It's important to have dreams.

Drying mat: Well, this one is tough.  I almost always have something drying on it.  Maybe because I'm too lazy to dry the items and put them away immediately.  Today I had it all cleaned off (as you can see in the picture...ignore the towel there. ha!) and within 30 minutes I had refilled it with pans and knives that can't be put in the dishwasher.  Plus the blender is almost always there drying between uses.  I keep thinking I'll make a different mat that matches the kitchen better and fits the whole space since what I usually do when drying dishes is place a towel along side the mat since the mat is too small.

In addition to these items I can often find other things on my counters: dirty dishes, mail, other various papers that need to go elsewhere but haven't yet, medications and items that need to go out to the recycle bin but no one wants to do it so they sit on the counter.

You would never know by looking at my kitchen that I hate clutter and want to have clear counter tops.


That's today's installment of problems that aren't really problems.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Location, location, location

I am the kind of person who usually folds and puts away the laundry right out of the dryer.  I don't like to have baskets or piles of laundry around.
However, with all the painting I'm doing and with how torn up the house is, I ended up letting a basket of laundry sit in front of the dryer for several days.
I finally decided to put it away one night.
I was putting Frank's stuff in his drawers straight out of the basket and then anything that I found of mine, I would put in a little pile on the corner of the bed.
After all of his stuff was sorted out, I grabbed the pile of my stuff to take to to my closet.
When I lifted up the pile of clean clothes I looked down and there on my bed was a big caterpillar.
He looked all squishy and was moving his freakish worm-like body around ON MY BED.

I freaked out and started yelling for Frank to come.
He was like "it's a what"

But here's the thing.

Caterpillar in the garden=kind of cute bug that has the potential to be a moth or lovely butterfly
Caterpillar on my bed (and also apparently roaming around in my clean laundry)=gross, disgusting bug that is totally freak out worthy

He got rid of the bug for me and I pondered whether or not to strip my sheets and rewash all of the laundry I had just put away.

Lesson learned.
Stop painting long enough to put the laundry away immediately!

I am willing to  happily coexist with bugs if they will just stay outside where they belong.


Monday, May 1, 2017

Something to be Thankful for: April 2017

April 1- Conference in the morning at Candice's house.  Then off to visit Jennifer Frank (we've been friends since High School!) for the afternoon.  Sitting by a gorgeous pool and chatting was the perfect end to this day!
April 2- Just more relaxing for me!  We went on a little nature hike which was beautiful.  We sat by the pool and talked.  It's my last day in Arizona and I have loved every minute.
April 3-I drove home to Utah today.  I made it safely despite getting to drive through a blizzard (in April).  I enjoyed the drive and everything went smoothly so I'm thankful for that!
April 4- My tulips are blooming!  It's Frank's 5 year anniversary: he is cancer free 5 years today!  SO thankful for that.
April 5-Today I am thankful for my sweet granddaughter Isabelle.  It's her 4th birthday today and I miss her so much.  I get to go visit in May and I cannot wait!

April 6-Today is the start of a 3 day vacation with some neighbors.  We saw some beautiful areas and did some little hikes.  I'm thankful for a beautiful world that I get to enjoy!
April 7-Beautiful scenery and hikes in southern Utah.  Fun day!
April 8- Today we went to Bryce canyon for the first time. Wow, it was so gorgeous and unusual. I love seeing new beautiful places.

April 9-We had Rachel, Claudia and Charles over for dinner.  I love seeing these great kids and the good things they are doing with their lives.  All three of them will go on missions soon. I just love these kids!
April 10-Today I spent the whole day cleaning house.  I cleaned the bathrooms, the kitchen, vacuumed everything and did laundry.  I love a clean house and I am so grateful that I am able to spend time at home just doing these domestic things. I know I've been blessed to be a stay-at-home mom when many others can't do it.
April 11- Today I got 4 new windows! Yay!  I love that my bathrooms are now private (privacy glass woo hoo!) and that the window over the kitchen sink is functional and pretty.  I often wished I could open that window but it was broken.  Now I can get the wonderful spring air while in the kitchen.
April 12-I worked today and I just have to say that I really like the people I work with.  It makes work so much more fun!
April 13-Today is Kaylee's birthday!  I'm thankful for Kaylee in my life!

April 14-I bought a hide-a-bed couch a few months ago so that I can put it in my office/guest room.  I'm excited to finish up that room and also be able to have a place for guests (poor Hannah has gotten used to sleeping in the front room on the couch).  Today it was delivered!  And the exciting part? It's green!

April 15- Frank replaced the drywall in the kitchen and made it look pretty easy too.
April 16-Easter! I'm so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ!
April 17-I'm thankful for beautiful weather outside today.
April 18- As we drove home from work, Lori pointed out the beautiful Lilac bushes.  When I got home I realized that I have two of them in my backyard!  I cut a few branches to put in a vase and they are beautiful and fragrant!
April 19-Today Frank and I worked on installing the new beadboard backsplash.  I think it's going to look great.
April 20-I'm grateful to work with fun neighborhood friends.  It makes the work day so much more pleasant!
April 21-I got to have lunch with a gal here in the neighborhood that I have a lot in common with and it was a nice little break. (Thanks Shari for always fitting me in!)
April 22-This morning I got a massage which was painful but also awesome.  My headaches have been so much better lately and I'm really grateful for that!
April 23-Carter got called to be a primary teacher and he seems fairly excited about it.  I'm grateful for his willingness to serve.
April 24-We got out of work early today (YAY!) and then I got to go to lunch with Beverly (a different friend in the neighborhood) which was really nice.
April 25-Frank helped me by painting the corner of the backsplash where the counter is so deep that I could only do it by actually climbing on the counter.  I was in pain from a long day and from hours of painting and when he chipped in, I wanted to cry it made me so happy.
April 26-Our power bill came was 13.00!  Loving our solar. :-)
April 27-Work with Laurel and Lori.  I really like those two gals!
April 28-Went to Doneen's to celebrate Daryl's graduation from BYU.  I had a hard day so I wasn't that excited to go, but I went anyway and ended up having a great time with my family. Yay!
April 29-Got to attend the adult session of Stake Conference with Dallin H Oaks presiding.  It was a great meeting and I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me that I am loved by my Heavenly Father.  I don't know why I always need reminding, but it always helps me when it happens.
April 30- Stake conference followed by the afternoon at Doneen's house to celebrate Mark's farewell before he goes on a mission soon.  I love my family.