Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's been awhile

Gosh, it's been awhile.
It seems like whenever my life is just the same day after day I run out of ideas for what to say here.
I don't want to blog all of my sad thoughts.  I don't want to use this blog for venting necessarily.
I do want it to be a way to remember what's going on in my life.  I do want to write down the little day to day things that I will otherwise forget if I don't write them down.

We have had a literal army of people here at my house helping us out. It has been unbelievable.
We've decided to put the house up for sale.
This of course requires a lot of prep work.
And even though we are the kind of people who keep our house up and do upkeep and such, it turns out that when you really do an inventory of your house, looking at it as a buyer, you realize that there is a bucketload of work to do!

So day after day people show up and paint, fix, clean, saw, hammer, mix concrete, move branches, and cut down trees.  Oh my gosh it has been a lot of work.

And it has made me feel unbelievably loved.

My husband is not an emotional person.  I have seen him cry only a couple of times in the 24 years that we've been married.  And when I told him about the things that have been done for us around this house he was immediately touched and became all choked up. Then we both were crying together.

He kind of laughed and said, "With all the things we have to cry about, it's people helping us out that makes us cry."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Today, since it is Valentine's Day, I decided to go to Boston and visit my husband
even though I still have a cold
and I'm coughing like a fiend
and I have a sinus headache
and I am probably still as germy as all get-out

I figured I would just stay outside of his room.
But geez I gotta see him in person on Valentine's don't I?

So, we finally reached the point that we are eligible for the lower parking rate.
You have to get this special form from the Social Worker and turn it in at the special window in the parking garage which is only open certain hours (of course).
So even though I got the form a couple of weeks ago, I still hadn't turned it in.
I've been busy coughing at home.
So today I parked like usual, took a ticket and found a spot
But then I went straight to the special window so I'd be sure to get my new discount rate card.

The guy gives me my new card and asks me if I am parked in the garage to which I say "yes".
He takes my ticket and stamps it and says he will give me the discounted rate for today too.
and off I go happily to have my visit with my husband.

About an hour or so later I go to leave.
the girl in front of me is a dork and puts her ticket into the machine backwards or something and can't get it to work. 
 (You have to put your ticket in to get the arm to raise so you can leave the parking garage...proof that you paid at the cashier)
I'm sitting in my car thinking about how she is such a noob and why can't people just read directions already!
She finally figures it out and leaves (and makes a right hand turn from the left lane but whatever)
I pull up and put my ticket in correctly and pull up to leave
I don't even give it a thought.
I'm so cocky.
the arm doesn't go up.
I hear a beeping noise.
The guy in the car behind me has pulled up too and is right behind me.  I can't even back up to see what the heck is going on with my ticket which I can see in my side mirror has been spit back out by the machine.
That's what I get for thinking bad thoughts about the dumb girl before me, isn't it?

I have to get out of my car to walk back and try to re-insert my ticket.
There are like 5 cars behind me.
It gets spit back out.

A hospital police guy comes and tells all the other cars to go to another lane
-they all have to back up one by one-
 and puts an orange cone behind my car.
All those people are thinking I'm the noob now!
The guy from the parking cashier office saunters out and I tell him about the whole "discount card, stamping of the ticket" thing and he says "ok" and manually pushes some buttons to lift the gate.
Takes about 3 seconds.
And I'm on my way.
But feeling a little less cocky and like I should be a little less judgmental in the future.
but I did make a left turn from the left lane at least

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have had it with germs.
I worry about them a lot these days.
No visits to Frank if you are even remotely sick.
When he comes home we have to be super extra careful about keeping him away from germs.
We are careful now about staying healthy and clean.
But we are being inundated with germs none the less.

and we have finally given in.
Austin first: fever, chills, cough, congestion.
He works at target...was there ever any hope of avoiding sickness?
Then Carter: typical cold with runny nose, sore throat.

I attacked surfaces with lysol.
I changed sheets.
I washed hands.

I still got sick.
Fever, cough, body aches.
and no visiting Frank.

I really hate leaving him all alone day after day.
and I hate that all this time is being wasted laying in bed accomplishing NOTHING when I have so much to do.

On a good note:
I'm all caught up with my Tivo shows.