Saturday, June 11, 2016

Maui: Day One

June 2, 2016
Warning: This blog serves as my journal.  I write the things that I want to remember and then I print them out at the end of each year.  I write these things for myself primarily but I also like that I can share things with family and friends. So, if you are not me and you have no interest in reading about all the details of my recent trip to Maui, I advise you to stop reading now and avoid this blog for the next few days as I write about my trip before I forget.


I have detailed the difficult time we had booking this particular trip on my blog here.
The difficulty didn't end there because the airlines kept changing our flights.
Originally, I was arriving a day before Frank and Carter, but their flight got changed (twice!) so that they actually came in the same day as I did...I had only booked a small cheap hotel room near the airport so we just made do.
Carter slept on the floor of the tiny room.
I think it was the smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in.

I'm still surprised that airlines can do that. 
I mean, changing the time slightly...maybe not a big deal, but to have you coming in on a whole different day?
That's kind of a problem. 
People need a place to sleep.

I don't even know how many times our flights got changed...and they just send an email telling you that you have a new flight.
It was just crazy.
Some of the changes were ok and we let them be but other changes were just too big
so Frank would have to call and complain and they would rebook us on different flights
(only to have those flights get changed later)
It happened to all of us at different times...and it sometimes affected our outgoing flight and sometimes it was the flight coming home.
We have an important family event taking place on Saturday evening so we absolutely had to be back by Saturday afternoon.
My arrival times coming home went from 10 a.m to 7 pm (at which point Frank intervened) to 2 pm and finally noon.
The final change to Frank and Carter's flight was emailed to Frank on the day of our departure only a few hours before we were supposed to leave...and it got Frank and Carter home late Saturday night.
Not ok!
We booked our original flights at those times for a reason!
So Frank was on the phone for an hour during the last hours of our vacation
and we ended up going to the airport about 4 hours earlier than originally planned so that they could catch their new flights...which also meant that I had to wait for about 5 1/2 hours in the airport for my flight.
Not that big of a deal, I just read a book, but just not the perfect ending.

-Ok back to Day One-

I arrived around noon, got the rental car and went to the hotel.
It was ok, but not great.
The rooms were kind of dirty, so I wasn't thrilled, but it was just for one night.

The grounds were fairly nice but the hotel looks much better in pictures than it did in real life.

I seriously just laid around and waited for the boys to arrive.
I read, I watched tv, I walked around a little bit
and it was so fabulous.

The guys flight came in around 8:30 PM
and we got some dinner 
(so fancy...we went to Burger King)
and just crashed.
It felt later to us
and we are terribly boring.

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  1. My friend recently got delayed on a trip to Greece with her three year old for FOUR DAYS. They canceled her flight and couldn't get her on another one for four days. She was only supposed to be there for two weeks, missing four whole days of it was a huge deal, I felt so bad for her. I don't really get how airlines can do this? People book the day and time that they need and want. So dumb.