Thursday, June 23, 2016

Missionary Mom

My funny cousin Emily posted a comment on my last post about Carter leaving on his mission.
I started to reply and then found myself writing a big long message...
so I decided it warranted a post of its own.

Here is her comment:
Missions are hard, and I can't imagine how hard it is for a mom to send her kids knowing that. The day we found out Isaac was a boy, I bawled and bawled thinking about him going on a mission (pregnancy hormones???). You guys raised him well and it sounds like he's going to do great! But man two years is long and it's hard on moms! I'm not making sense but what I'm trying to say is I feel sad for you but I feel so happy for you too! I hope he starts feeling better fast, that's hard to be sick.

My reply:
It's hard when they first leave on a mission for sure but overall it's just so great.  I LOVE the weekly emails!  Since none of my kids are big communicators it is just so amazing to receive a letter every single week from them.  For my older boys, it was the most they have ever communicated with me in their lives! (Besides the jabbering non-stop talking about everything and nothing and telling dumb jokes when they were little).  I hope Carter will be the same and start to open up a bit as he writes.

I'm not one of those moms who has a countdown calendar and just can't wait for them to come home.  I love to see them grow and change as the mission progresses. I'm excited to see them after two years of course, but mostly I want them (and me) to enjoy each and every day for what it brings.   I don't want them (or me) to waste a single day looking for that future, better day.

Enjoy today.

I tell this to my kids fairly often actually.  Don't wish away the school year, looking for summer!  Don't wish away fall, looking for Christmas!  Don't wish away your youth, looking for the "freedom" of adulthood!  

Every day has something to offer.

When I was a teenager, I used to look so forward to some future event that I would wish away months at a time, thinking only of that fun future thing.  What a waste.
So, as I got older I started consciously trying to accept and enjoy each day for what it brought to my life.
Part of this change in me was probably due to my brother  getting cancer and eventually start to appreciate every day when you lose someone or when someone you love is sick.

I did receive an email from Carter this morning, which was a nice surprise.
It wasn't his official day to email but they were able to spend a few minutes testing their new emails and making sure everything works right...
so I got a short email saying that everything is good so far and that he likes his companion and the other people in his group.

And so it begins.
Bring it on!
I'm a missionary mom once again, and I love it!


  1. Oh good. I'm glad you're not wishing away the days. I kind of do that. :)

  2. I've put this on my little "FHE ideas" list--Mark could use some "enjoy today" counsel, and he'll probably take it better coming from you :-)