Thursday, March 16, 2017


I've been sewing lately and it's been fun for the most part.
I'm seriously considering taking a class or two because, although I like to sew, I always feel like I'm kind of winging it. I don't really know what I'm doing.
and I've never been one to sew clothes...I always sew curtains or pillows or stuff like that.
But I decided to sew some little skirts for the grandkids.
I looked for patterns online and found an easy one and a cuter one.  So I went with the cuter one of course! (it is still simple but it has a second tier to keep the bulk away from the waist but still be twirly)
And the girl who showed the cuter pattern likes to line her skirts so of course I had to do that too.
Then I decided to add pockets.  Because, pockets!

Anyway, I sewed for days.

At one point Frank asked me what I was doing.  
He said, "I thought you were making a couple of skirts for the girls...but you've been working forever.  What are you doing exactly?"
I said, "Well, Isabelle likes dinosaurs and Kaylee likes cats so I made those two.  Then I found this other cute fabric that I just couldn't pass up so I used that.  Then I also had leftover floral fabric from the curtains so I figured I might as well use it!  And then I found out they girls like 'Frozen'..."
He interrupted "So, you are out of control"
Me, "yep"

So, yeah, in the end I made 4 skirts per girl.
Some have pockets, some don't.
Some have cute colorful bands on the bottom, some don't.
Two are the simplest skirt pattern and the rest are the other pattern.

Doneen helped me by serging the hem of the lining fabric.  I'm pretty terrible with the slippery stuff.

I had a mess going in several rooms of the house, plus other rooms fall apart because I am not doing any cleaning or upkeep as I focus on one project to the detriment of all others.  It's how I am and I've learned to accept it.

I will post pictures of all of the finished skirts eventually...
but I want Amber and the girls to see them in person first.

I sure hope they fit!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

This and That again

I am sick to death of politics and the news and people being rude and mean to each other online.
I wish we could all just get along.

I got my nails done the other day.
Harley, Carter's girlfriend, is in school and needed to do some gel nails for graduation so I went and got some from her.
I am generally hard on manicures and rarely paint my nails because they just never last (and, yes, I've had gel nails before and they didn't last either).
But I will say that I like the color I chose and they are looking pretty good.
I don't know if they will last but I like them for now.

I also got a facial which was blissful.

I have finished all of my current house projects so today I was saying to Carter, "What should I do next?"
He responded, "Why do you have to do anything?  Can't you just relax for awhile?"
That made me laugh.
Sorry, kid, I have started changing things and I can't stop now!

When I look at my calendar and see absolutely nothing on it for the next day, it fills me with happiness.

I did one day of the couch to 5K program.
The next day my hip hurt so much that I could barely move.
Well, that sucked.

I've been getting weekly massages (for two weeks now).
They are deep tissue massages in an attempt to help my headaches.
When I get home Frank asks "how was your massage?" to which I respond, "painful"
He really wants me to say it was awesome and relaxing but that's not the point!
Honestly, it IS relaxing in a way and it is awesome that I can do it...but it also hurts.  But in the long run it will make me feel better so it's a good pain.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Something to be thankful for. February 2017

Feb 1- Caring people. Thank heaven for caring people.
Feb 2- It's groundhog day! I watched the movie and just enjoyed a relaxing day.
Feb 3- Spent the whole day working on some sewing projects.  I'm so blessed to be able to do things like this.
Feb 4- We went to a movie as a family and I really enjoyed being together.
Feb 5- A wonderful day at church.  I felt the love of God in my life today.
Feb 6-Warm weather in the middle of the winter. So nice.
Feb 7- Such a bad migraine today.  I am thankful for medical doctors and for drugs that can be injected and cause me to sleep away the entire day in blissful oblivion.
Feb 8- Today, on his birthday, I am thankful for Dion!  He's a great brother, a fun guy, a great dad and just makes all of us happier.
Feb 9- A little alone time. :-) I'm thankful for alone time because I really enjoy solitude on occasion.
Feb 10- Lunch with a friend and, finally, my botox injections! It's been a rough migraine month so I'm glad to finally get these injections.  Here's hoping the next 3 months are better.
Feb 11- Time in the temple this morning with Frank and Carter.  Fun times playing cards with Frank, Carter and Harley this evening.
Feb 12- Man it was such a good Sunday today.  Fabulous talks in Sacrament meeting (all of the new Relief Society Presidency spoke), a great lesson in Sunday School given by one of the girls, and a really wonderful lesson on being positive in Relief Society.  A really uplifting day.
Feb 13- I went out by myself today and ran errands.  I had another headache but still managed to get a few things done. I enjoyed chatting with the gals from Seagull for a few minutes and told them I was ready to come back to work one day a week. I also got a free sample of a See's of course I'm thankful for that! ha!
Feb 14- Valentine's Day! I'm thankful that Frank got me See's. :-) We also had a nice dinner together.  Thankful for my sweetheart.
Feb 15- I'm thankful for my sister Doneen who gave up her day to help me can stew.  It was fun hanging out together.
Feb 16- I spent most of the day with Carter and my mom.  I got my hair done by Carter's girlfriend Harley to help her reach her graduation goals. I'm thankful for time with my family.
Feb 17- I'm thankful for the little purple flowers blooming in my garden.

Feb 18- Frank talked to me seriously about the plan for painting the kitchen.  I liked that he was really caring about my wishes and thinking seriously about how to accomplish them.
Feb 19- Dinner at Diane's with Dion and Summer's family.  I love those guys!  It was great to see them all again.  Love my siblings.
Feb 20- Took Frank to the airport and on a whim went to a local furniture store because they were giving out $25 gift cards to the first 200 customers and I was driving by on my way home from the airport so I thought...what the heck! right?  Got the gift card, bought a cute thing for my office-to-be with it.  It was fun.  Then I had a nice quiet day alone at home since Frank was gone and Carter went to the zoo with friends.  I watched too much tv, painted some trim and just relaxed.  I needed it so much and it was awesome.
Feb 21-So many good things today!  I got a little desk for my office, got a bunch of painting done, went to the temple with Carter and I think there was more but I can't remember now. Whatever it was, it was great! Good day.
Feb 22- Went back to work at Seagull today for the first time in quite awhile.  I enjoyed being around Kimber and Chantel again.  I really like both of them.  And now I'm binge watching a Youtube show that Kimber recommended.  So that's fun and also, curse you Kimber! 
Feb 23- I got a massage today!  It was fabulous and painful all at the same time. I'm trying to get the headaches under control so this was recommended by my headache doctor.  Don't mind if I do...
Feb 24- Had a fun little movie afternoon with my mom and that allowed my Dad to get some much needed alone time.  Then afterwards, we went to Diane's house to celebrate the January/February birthdays.  Having Dion home sure helps us get together more often as a family...he is apparently the glue that holds us together.  I'm thankful for Dion!
Feb 25- We had a day of projects today and I loved it.  I love getting projects done around the house.
Feb 26- I made a yummy recipe that Doneen gave me.  I used some of my canned food as well as some of the huge bag of potatoes that NEED to be used. (We bought 50 lbs of potatoes for a fundraiser of a neighbor).  I'm thankful for delicious, easy to make food.
Feb 27- We had a nice evening together as a family and Carter gave us a lesson using some of his visual aids from his mission. It was great.  Followed by chocolate oreo shakes made by Frank.  I decided to live on the edge and actually had some.  It was delicious!
Feb 28-Doneen helped me fix my cushion that I've been working on for my window seat.  If I didn't have her, I don't know what I would have done...perhaps hire someone?  Because I was seriously screwing it up.  I'm thankful for Doneen!