Friday, May 22, 2015

More miscellaneous stuff

Another one of those blog entries where I list miscellaneous stuff going on in my life.
Kaylee had a doctor appointment the other day so I babysat Isabelle for the afternoon.
We went to the bakery first
I mean, hanging with Grandma must include donuts. right?
But we were sad to discover that they no longer have chalk for the tables.
Maybe it was a pain to keep nice.
But that stunk.
So we took our donuts to go.

We went to a park 
and then to the adjacent city library!
I've been meaning to go there.
The library had a train that Isabelle loved.
There was also a child sized table with big stuffed animals.
She had fun sitting with the animals and reading.
She gave each of them a book.
It was so cute.

We also went up the stairs and came down in the elevator a few times.
Isabelle found the elevator to be intriguing, fun and terrifying all at the same time.

We went to see the farm animals today
Isabelle loves animals.
In person they are so big that she is trapped between being fascinated and scared.
She declined touching any of them
but did like being near.

She's still very enchanted by chickens.

She also loved the room with the fake cow, small tables, trucks and puzzles.

Kaylee was relaxed in the stroller...

Isabelle's favorite part was the carriage ride, pulled by horses.
She wanted to go a second time but only one ride comes with the entrance to the park...
so she cried and threw herself to the ground when they walked away without us.
I find tantrums to be kind of cute now that I'm the grandma.


About a week ago or so we went to the Payson Temple Open House.
Before the temples are dedicated, the public can tour them.
It was a really nice afternoon and the temple was just gorgeous!

We took some pictures together
and when I looked at them afterwards
I was shocked by how I look.

No I will not be putting the picture here.

I don't know why I haven't hit rock bottom and changed my ways...
exercise more or stop eating donuts
or both
because I seriously look like a dumpy, chubby middle aged woman.
I hate it.

I just don't hate it enough...

School is almost over
and I am SO GLAD.

I have considered going to the doctor and seeing if I need medication
because of how much stress and anxiety I've been feeling regarding school.
And I'm not the student!

It's time for summer.

Carter had his final concert at school.
I thought the last one was his final one but I was wrong.

I didn't invite the grandparents (again)
but this time it was because my niece had a concert the same night
and they were planning to go...
so I didn't want to force them to make any sort of choice about which concert to attend.

I used my motherly influence
(which is not much I can tell you)
to convince Carter that I should be able to take a picture of him at his 
last concert of high school.
He obliged.

This is the look of a kid who is happy that band is over.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Since our son, daughter-in-law and grand babies are moving away this summer
we have put our apartment up for rent.

I will be a landlord.
(I don't count it when it's family)

I'm not sure I'm cut out for being a landlord, to tell you the truth.
I'm just too nice.

I like people too much.
I want to make everyone happy.

So the idea of being "friendly" but not "friends" because of a business relationship
is really a foreign thing for me.

So far I have been contacted by about 10 people for my one apartment.
and I want to give it to all of them.
I want to give it to the girl with the little dog, even though we have a no pets policy.
I want to give it to the people who called and I heard a bunch of crying in the background.
Even if it will inconvenience me, I want to make these strangers happy.

Way back when we were in college,
Frank and I were managers of an apartment complex.
We got reduced rent in exchange for our work as managers.

I was terrible at it.

I just wanted people to be happy.
I wanted to give everyone their way.
I wanted to fix everyone's problems.
I wanted to let everyone live in the one open apartment that we had.

I get flashback stress just thinking about it.

I am the one fielding all of the phone calls, texts and emails and I'm just not sure I'm cut out for it!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Perks of being a mom

I think I need medication or a doctor or something. 
I don't think a vacation is gonna do it this time. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

I like to ride my bi-cy-cle, I like to ride my bike...

If that little title sounds like someone who is trying to convince themselves of something,
well, that is the truth!

I got a new bike for Christmas from Frank.
And, Frank, like his father before him, doesn't believe in buying something that is "fine" or 
"good enough".  
He likes to buy the best.
So he got me a really nice bike for Christmas.

I have ridden quite a bit in the past
but I always used my old, tried and true, hybrid bike
that I got when Carter was a baby so that I could take him on little jaunts around the neighborhood.
It was not a road bike or a fancy bike.
It was a mom-with-a-baby bike.

Now I have a road bike.
The kind with skinny tires
and no pedals.
Yes, I am clipped into my bike for the first time in my life.
it scares me.

I figured I would probably fall down at some point.
Everyone falls down when they first start using the clip in shoes...
at least that's what they all tell me.
But I am no spring chicken and if I fall, I am very likely to hurt myself.

So today I decided to ride my bike.

For the second time, officially.
But the first time "for real".

I "rode" it once before but just around the neighborhood for a few minutes to see if I could do it without killing myself.
I shifted the gears up...and couldn't figure out how to shift them back down.
So I came home.
It was less than triumphant.
(I resorted to the internet to figure out the shifting *shakes head*)

So today I was determined to ride it for an actual workout.
I wanted to find the bike path near my house so that I can easily go on rides in the future.

I got the tires pumped up
(something else I had to google)
got on the bike,
refreshed my memory on how to clip in,
how to shift,
where the brakes are...

I clipped one foot in

Yep, sprawled out on my own driveway.
skinned my knee
scraped my new shoes
and twisted my hip out at a very awkward angle
that I think I will feel tomorrow...
or possibly later today.

This bike is making me feel like an idiot!

After I decided I wasn't truly injured
and after I scanned the neighborhood to see if anyone saw me fall,
I went for my ride.

It was fine.
My legs didn't really get too tired so that's good.
But I was paranoid about braking (and falling) and turning (and falling) 
so I didn't really go for a super long ride.
I was winded after I went up the one hill I attempted.

But when I got home and parked the bike
I felt pretty happy.

I will eventually like to ride my bicycle.

Update: a few hours later and I have discovered
(Why is my calf hurting? ...oh...)
a huge bruise forming on the calf of the other leg.
Oh man, I messed myself up!

Gifts for mom

Mother's Day
It sucks.
Generally speaking
for me
I know some of you love it and get pampered and all that
but this is not how I feel about it.

I've had good years
I've had bad years

But, let's be honest here, my kids are not that good at it.
the whole "pamper mom" thing
the whole "be grateful for mom" thing
is not their strong suit.

It's probably my fault somehow.

Frank usually does a good job though...
and tries to make up for the kids.

He gets them to pitch in with making me dinner.
I have gotten breakfast in the past.
He reminds them to get me/make me a card.
He buys me a present of some sort.

I'm grateful for his efforts.

Let's talk about this year.

This year I discovered that a couple of women from my church
always go away for Mother's Day weekend.
They leave the family and kids and expectations
and they go to Park City.
they relax, shop, eat out and watch movies
I can get behind that kind of Mother's Day plan.

So I went.
It was awesome.

I told Frank in advance that he would not have to make any meals for Mother's Day 
because I would be gone most of the day and then we were planning to go to my sister's house around dinner time.

After my fab weekend I came home to discover my favorite gift

Frank had ripped out the bushes in our front yard!

Here is the before:
Big, overgrown bushes that covered the window.
I was so happy!

I also found this:
A lovely bouquet, dark chocolate covered pretzels and really sweet note from Branden.
Homemade cookies and note from Amber (not in the picture...sorry)
See's from Frank.
I also had a nice phone conversation with Austin who is currently in Oregon.

I got early morning texts from Carter and Ryan.
"Happy Mother's Day" 
"Happy Mother's Day, Weirdy"
(you'll just have to believe me when I say that's a term of endearment)

Not too shabby.

We didn't end up staying at my sisters for very long because Isabelle has some sort of stomach flu and was throwing up.  Not good.
So it turned out that we were home at dinner time.

So, Frank made me a cherry pie.
Yes, I had cherry pie for dinner!
It was delicious.

I asked Carter if his homework was done...
(he probably thinks that the only thing I know how to say to him)
and he said, " I did it this morning as a mother's day gift to you" 

All in all, a successful Mother's Day.
I'm glad its over.