Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Like a Hitchcock movie

For the last little while my yard has been a scene out of a Hitchcock movie,
namely The Birds.

I remember this happening last year too but I still don't really know why.

Last year I never got a single picture and this year I really haven't managed to get a really true picture of what it's like out there.
There are hundreds of birds.
In my yard and in the trees all around my house.
They fly around in big clumps and it is quite amazing to see.
(and they always always take off when I try to get a picture)

I tried to get a video of it as well one day but there were just a few random birds flitting from tree to tree....
no big exodus that I could catch.
but if you turn up your volume you can get an idea of just how many birds there are because it sounds like a rain forest out there...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas is coming!

Last night I got tickets for ALL of my kids to come home for Christmas.  We haven't had everyone here together...well...ever.  Because Amber joined the family while Ryan was gone on his mission and we haven't all been in the same place since.

I'm not one to wish away my life.   I like to enjoy each day and not be waiting or wishing for a particular event.  But last night had me imagining fun Christmas times and looking forward to December.

Which is totally weird because I despise winter.

And I am stoked for the idea of a family picture with everyone in it!  (Frank's not quite as excited by the prospect of family photos unfortunately.  Somehow no one ever is as excited as me for that particular thing...)

Today I'm pretty much back to reality with cleaning the house, doing laundry, finishing the painting on my secretary and finding reasons to avoid exercises while wishing I would lose weight.

See?  Totally normal life.