Sunday, June 12, 2016

Maui: Day Four

June 5, 2016

I had a headache on Sunday morning so I opted to stay home and relax.
Frank and Carter went to the local congregation though, which turned out to be a Tongan ward.
They got to wear earphones and listen to the lessons being translated into English.
It was a fun and different experience for them.

Afterwards they went exploring a little bit and saw a blowhole not far from our hotel.

I looked it up later and it turns out that someone recently died here getting too close to the blowhole and got sucked down.
I'm such a Nervous Nelly that I'm glad that
a. I wasn't there to see how close Frank or Carter got to this thing
b. I didn't know until afterwards that bad things happened here.


  1. Don't blowholes blow out? How do you get sucked in? Sad. Also, I'm just so sorry, that sounds like the worst night ever, especially on vacation. I wonder what the hip pain was? So weird. I wish kidney stones weren't a thing, I'm sorry!

    1. Turns out I wrote the ER story on the wrong night. haha So you will see that story again...I deleted it from this day and put it on the correct day. The water comes up through the hole in the rock and it is just waves from the sea so the come up pretty forcefully and them suck back down with the motion of the waves. I guess if you are too close it can pull you down just like a wave can pull you out into the ocean. So sad!!