Wednesday, June 1, 2016


My life is full of "lasts" right now
because my last kid turns 18 today.

As I made the traditional birthday signs and hung them on the walls
I was all nostalgic over all the lasts.

I make these signs for the kids on their birthday and they usually include a few things that are going on in their lives.
For Carter, the list seemed awfully long and full of momentous things!

-graduated high school

-got into college

-going on a mission


-leaving to live in Japan, for Pete's sake!

Yes, it's time for some adulting.

All of the lasts come with a lot of firsts for him and for me.
for example:
First time he will live on his own.
First time I will be an empty nester.

I'm so grateful for this kid.

He was a last kid by 5 years
so he has been told that he is spoiled and his parents' favorite by his brothers.
His life was different in some ways, as all last kids lives are.

We had more money, so I wasn't as stingy at McDonalds.
He was the only one at home at various times, so we were more easy going when he wanted to eat out.
I remember he would ask to go to steak on a week night...and Frank would say yes! That never would have happened with the other kids.  But when you go from a family of 6 to a family of 3, eating out just seems so much cheaper!
(yes, my life revolves around food)
He went on some cool vacations...but then, so did the other boys...he just went on more of them.
He got to go on a school trip to Europe which none of the other boys got to do.
The best they got was Disney World for a senior trip.
(Those who wanted to...ahem, Austin)
But, in my defense (and his), he saved his money since 6th grade to be able to go to France someday
and my other kids never had that much drive to go any place.

He's a good kid.
And, let's be honest here, they are all spoiled.
At least a little.

Carter is:
self conscious

He isn't all these things all the time.  But he is all these things.

Happy Birthday Carter!
aka My Last Kid to become an adult.

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