Saturday, June 11, 2016

The good, the bad and the ugly

Let's start with the bad (and the ugly)
since I'd rather end with the good.

I came home from vacation to see that not only had I missed the blooming of all of my peonies,
but they had drooped and been rained on and were just totally done being flowers.

I knew that this would be the case since they were just blooming as I left a week ago.
Still, it's just a sad sight.

Look at that lily trying to help out by being all pretty.

 I did search all through the bush, in the rain, to see if there were any pretty flowers left.
I was able to rescue 3 flowers and they are now in a vase in my house.

So, even the bad and the ugly had some good.

The other thing that I came home to was 
a whole bunch of gorgeous, red strawberries on my strawberry plants!

It's hard to see, but there are lots of strawberries hiding in there.

I grabbed my medium sized mixing bowl to go out and pick...
I didn't want to be too optimistic and bring a bigger bowl,
but I should have!

I ended up filling the bowl up twice.

And there are still lots of strawberries on the plants in various stages of ripeness.

Seriously, so so good.


  1. OH those peonies are sad! Will it bloom again this summer? And the strawberries look amazing, what will you do with them all?

    1. No, they only bloom once, that's why I was sad to miss it. :-( I will cut the old blooms off and then the plant will look less droopy and sad. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the strawberries! Last year I got a few each day so I just ate them but this is a big bowl full. I'll have to eat them or freeze them soon. Since we've been gone we have no food in the house so they might be breakfast, lunch and dinner today!