Monday, November 19, 2012


The ultrasound results are in and I am going to be the grandmother of a baby

You know, you hear all the time about how great it is to be a grandparent
The "older people" tell you this even when you have little kids
How its the best of both worlds...getting to enjoy the baby without all the responsibility.

But, other than my own children, I have never been a baby person.
They are cute and all but I have no desire to hold them.
I figured it would be different with my grandchildren
(or I hoped)

Now, my granddaughter is not born yet
but I can tell you that from the second I saw this ultrasound picture, 
really from the moment I heard Amber was pregnant,
this was already a different experience.
I can look at someone else's ultrasound and think "oh how exciting for you!"
but I don't feel much else.
This baby...
This baby is already important to me.
I feel love for her
just like I did with my own children...
loved them before they were born.
It's so amazing!

And I can't wait to meet her.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My House

Last night some people came to look at the house
(we put it on the market for-sale-by-owner this week)
And they just seemed like the right people.  It felt like this was their was meant to be.
They liked the house and have plans for it to have a barn and horses
Such a great use for the land.
After they left I felt excited but calm inside.  Like something would happen.
Today they made us an offer on the house and, assuming all goes well, we will be moving.

I have loved this house so much.
I've painted every room
I've decorated
celebrated many birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmases here.

I'm ready for something smaller
but nervous about it at the same time.

It will be quite a change.

I hope it all works out!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6

I haven't posted a single political thing this year.
Not on facebook.
Not here.
and I'm not really going to start now

But today is the day to vote.
And I do believe in the right to vote.

I'm just really not a political person.
I consider it one of my better qualities that I am able to see both sides of an issue or belief.
It does make me less decisive in some ways but I think it makes me a more compassionate and empathetic person.
I'm pretty good at understanding people's feelings and why they feel that way.

This year I have been one of those "undecided voters" that they talk about all the time on the news
I've had people from both sides give me their views (at my request)
I have a staunch Romney supporter and an equally staunch Obama supporter right here in my family.

I'm not going to tell you what I decided because I also believe that a person's vote can be private.
Not everyone likes to put signs in their yard
or try to persuade people to adopt their views on facebook.
Some people do like to have their views known and that is their right.
I'm not one of those.

It's just not how I'm wired.

So, I hope everyone who has a desire and knowledge of who they want for President
(and whatever other officials and issues are on your ballot)
gets out and votes today!