Monday, June 13, 2016

Maui: Day Eight

June 9, 2016

For Carter's birthday we gave him a adventure of his choice (within reason) in Hawaii.
Ok, to be honest, what I actually wrote in his card was "an adventure of your choice (within reason) in Alaska". So he has brought it up repeatedly that I owe him an adventure in ALASKA since that is what I wrote, even though I meant Hawaii.  
Sorry, I have Alaska on my mind a lot.

Anyway, the adventure he chose was to go zip lining and Thursday was zip lining day!

Our appointment wasn't until the afternoon so we decided to go to lunch at the Kapalua golf course restaurant.

We discovered that it was a bit out of our price range, however, when we saw lunch entrees that cost $40-$50!
Uh, no.
So we drove back to Gazebo for another helping of the "best breakfast on Maui"

And then it was time to go zipping!

We have been zip lining before, in Mexico, so we are a little bit hard to please.

Our guides were really fun.

But the zip lining in Hawaii is more expensive than it was in Mexico.

The view from the zip line was very pretty.

But they basically took us up a ravine and then we zipped back and forth across that ravine all the way down.

It was fun but not really amazing or anything.

We prefer to zip across different types of terrain rather than back and forth across the same area.

But, as I said, we are a little spoiled.

We learned a lot about Hawaii from the GyPSy app and one of the things we learned about was the state bird.
As we left to go back home from zip lining, we saw some of them!
It's not a great picture but better than nothing.

We also saw a pretty rainbow as we left.

We went to dinner at a restaurant that one of the zip guides had recommended.
The food was good, if expensive.
But the view was amazing.
The restaurant was right on the much so that the tables closest to the water got splashed by the waves numerous times!

We were seated several tables back from the edge so no danger of being splashed but I was by a window and this was my view:

Frank's view was also great, though he had a few tables between him and the water and sunset.

At one point they actually retracted the roof so that all of these tables were completely outside.
It was lovely!

It was a fun day together and a nice end to the vacation.
Our flight home was scheduled for Friday night but had to check out of the hotel at 11 am so we weren't exactly sure what we would do for the last day...

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  1. I was thinking when you said you were eating at the golf course that it must have been really expensive. Ha! I was right! So funny. I like zip lining but I've only done it once at a real place and it was like 116 degrees that day and it was just MISERABLE. I bet I'd like it better in hawaii. It sure is gorgeous there.