Thursday, August 27, 2015

Something about fall

I know it isn't truly Fall yet
but the kids are back in school so it feels like fall to me.
Plus, the last couple of days have been rainy and that's also having an effect.

But it seems when fall hits, I always want to nest.

I want to clean.
I want to redecorate.
I want to buy furniture and refinish it.
I find myself scouring craigslist (or KSL for you Utah folks) for interesting pieces of furniture.

I want to get some mums.
I want some party lights out on my back porch so I enjoy them as I sit outside on cool, beautiful evenings.

I probably won't do any of those things
(except sit outside on the back porch sans party lights)
and I might clean.
You know.  Maybe.
But I'm trying not to buy stuff.
I'm being frugal.

Although it has crossed my mind that I could sell some of my past projects so that I can get some new ones.

We shall see.

Fall just does this to me.

1 comment:

  1. We can buy some stuff on KSL that you can refinish for us!😄