Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A few more things from Alaska

A few tidbits from my week in Alaska:

Isabelle was really into putting on her parents shoes.
She would regularly go into their room and come out wearing either Amber's or Branden's footwear.

She even put on Branden's big work boots one day but I missed getting a picture of that one.
It was cute
and she is remarkably good at walking in the huge shoes.

The new apartment has a bathtub.
They have been managing this whole time with just a shower in our basement apartment.
So the kids were loving being able to take baths and splash around.
They asked for baths quite a few times.

I babysat one afternoon while Branden and Amber picked up some furniture
and the girls really wanted a bath just for fun.
So I obliged.
As the tub filled, Kaylee tried to be patient but she really wanted in there with Isabelle!

Don't worry, I put Kaylee in after taking these pictures.
She really wanted in that tub!

The girls wasted no time in breaking in the new bedroom...
They really do a good job of entertaining themselves
and play quite well together a lot of the time.
Sometimes Isabelle is a little too rough with Kaylee
and sometimes they get into mischief (obviously)
but overall they are a couple of happy, content kids.

We went out to lunch one day and Branden had a bit of a headache.
He laid across the bench for a minute and Isabelle was SO SWEET.
Oh my gosh.

Just for fun, here is a picture of Kaylee enjoying a very entertaining straw.

Every time we left a restaurant I would laugh/comment/feel bad about
the HUGE mess we would leave.
Kaylee's favorite thing right now is to throw things on the ground...
so, yeah.

On my last night, right after their bath, I took a picture with Isabelle and Kaylee.
Then they went to bed and I went to the airport.

I sure miss these cuties!


  1. Oh man, they're so cute! Zoe sometimes has three baths in one day. She loooves a bath. That picture of Isabelle hugging Branden is the best, what a sweetheart! Did you get new renters yet?