Sunday, August 23, 2015

Education Week

Education Week at BYU ended this last Friday
and it was fabulous!

The week itself was crazier than I expected.
I expected to stay at BYU and walk to classes and sleep at the dorms.
Instead I did a LOT of back and forth to my house to get things done and drive people where they needed to go...
but I still really enjoyed my time at BYU
and learned so much.

We kept meaning to take some pictures but every day was so jam packed that we would forget.
Finally on Friday we took a few,
which explains why we are in the same clothes in every picture.

One of the main things I learned (again! because I already knew it...) is that I love spending time with my sisters.
My sister Doneen was there as well as my sister-in-law Stacey and her awesome daughter Sara.
They are all so much fun to be around.

We sometimes went to the same classes
and other times we separated but we would meet together for lunch and dinner each day.
We would sit in the shade and talk about what we had each learned in our previous classes.

We had a photographer from BYU come up and ask to take our picture one day at lunch.
After he took the picture we realized that we needed a group picture so we had someone walking by take one for us.  
When I looked at it, I laughed because I had been sitting in such a way that one of my legs was hidden in my skirt and it looked like I only had one leg!

Then I was wondering if I had been sitting that way for the BYU photographer...
We were laughing and saying that maybe our picture would make it into next years' schedule book since it appears that I am handicapped.
They always want more diversity in the pictures, right?

Anyway, we retook the picture.

I finally slept in the dorms on Thursday night.
It was fun to all be together.
Doneen reading on her bed in our fancy dorm room

But, not gonna lie, my back had spasms the whole next day!
Guess I'm used to my comfy bed at home...
and I'm old.

I'm so grateful to be able to take advantage of these things that are available here in Utah.


  1. So fun. Also, what dorms were you in? I lived in DT and Helaman but it doesn't look like either one. Maybe the new fancy ones where DT used to be? Your one-legged picture made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!

    1. It was actually Helaman Halls. I guess one building is different than the others.