Monday, August 17, 2015


My first, but not my last, trip to Alaska took place one week ago.
I helped Amber fly the girls up for their big move.
Branden left several weeks earlier in order to drive with some of their belongings
and find an apartment.

I probably would have been excited to see Alaska
had I been going for a different reason.

But I have to admit that Alaska,
at least in August,
is really really beautiful.

I saw two bald eagles while I was there but never got a good picture.

The weather was a perfect 65-67 degrees.
There were no mosquitoes.
(I had been warned that they would be bad, but apparently mosquitoes are more of a spring thing)
The mountains, and trees and flowers are just gorgeous.

Branden found a nice little apartment.

Isabelle posing for me in her new bedroom

The only flaw in the place so far is that the upstairs neighbors walk like elephants and stay up until all hours of the night.
It is already driving Branden nuts.

I spent most of my time there helping get things set up.
We bought groceries and diapers
Went to garage sales
searched Craigslist
and managed to furnish the whole place for under $150.
Not bad.
Isabelle enjoying her new couch

We also got to know the neighborhood a little bit.
Within walking distance there is:
a nice park

the town square
a grocery store
the library
the post office
a very busy Blockbuster store.

Yes, Blockbuster is alive and well in Alaska.

One day when Branden had a day off we went on a little adventure.
We went to a bird sanctuary
(beautiful but we saw zero birds)

Yes, I took this picture with the very bad lighting...

and then drove up around a glacier.
It was all within about 30-40 minutes of their house.

I will miss this little family!
But I'm so glad I got to help them get set up and see a bit of where they are living now.
I know they will have a great adventure
and grow closer as a family.

And I will be back to visit again!


  1. Wow! It's so beautiful there. A great adventure for a family! Love the pictures!

  2. Alaska! It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I love this post, and I hope they love it there. Also, living in an apartment is the worst. It doesn't matter how softly the neighbors walk it sounds loud. I hate it!