Friday, August 14, 2015

Last outing with Isabelle

For my last outing with Isabelle, we decided to check out The Puppy Barn.

This is near my house and a number of people have told me I should go there...
and, yes, Isabelle loved it!

The point of the place is to adopt out the puppies
but they let you pet and hold them which is nice.

Isabelle loved the dogs but she also loved the automatic hand sanitizer machines that we had to use between after we held a puppy.
So easy to please...

At first she was shy around the dogs but quickly realized that they were super fun to pet.
They only let you hold them if you are over 18 so I held them while she loved on them...
I think she was most comfortable with that scenario anyway.

Afterwards we went outside and got an icee
and ate while we pointed out different kinds of cars and trucks that drove past.

We also went and visited my mom and dad on that trip.
I don't know how I forget to take pictures!
I'm pretty sad that I didn't take pictures of Isabelle with my mom and dad that day because it was the last time they saw here before she moved.

Isabelle and I spent a lot of time together in that last week
so that her mom would pack and get ready for the move.

We went for walks
we had picnics in the backyard
we blew bubbles.

Here she is asking me to take off her shoes after we had gone for a long walk
and were relaxing in the backyard...
I laughed when I saw that her shoes had been on the wrong feet the whole time!
Poor kid.

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