Sunday, August 16, 2015

Goodbye to Amber

 Last Tuesday evening we had a little goodbye party for Amber.
Her mom and siblings were in town
(her older sister had a baby that week too!)
so that was nice.

Dion took pictures for us
but didn't get the camera out until after Kaylee had gone to not many pictures of her.

But it was a fun night of talking and eating and just enjoying all being together one last time.

Keep in mind, I literally walked in the door from girls camp to attend this party...
so I look very much like I had been camping!

First, a few pics taken by Amber's mom with her phone:

Dion's pictures:

Goodbye Amber!
We will miss you so much!


  1. Great pictures! Looks fun! Have a great adventure Brandon, Amber and cute girls!

  2. Goodbye for Amber but not Branden! hahaha!!!! :) She sure seems like a sweetheart, I bet you all miss her like crazy.

    1. Haha I know it seems weird! Branden left several weeks before amber, while I was in Boston!