Thursday, August 20, 2015

Education Week

I signed up for BYU's education week again this year.
It's a little tricky because it falls on the same week as the first day of school.
But I figured I could make it work.

Then my sister-in-law invited me to stay in the dorms with her.
That sounds fun!
So, of course I said yes to that...

THEN, two days before education week began
Frank says, "Did I mention that I'll be in Boston all next week?"

It's ok.
I can make this work!

Oh, and another thing, Carter's AND Ryan's cars are both broken down at the moment.
Ryan generally rides a bike to his job but if he needs to go farther away than that, he has no car.
Carter hasn't needed to go too many places but school is starting so he will need to get to and from school at the very least.

I can make this work.

I drove Frank to the airport so I could use his car and Carter could use my car to go to school.

I decided to come home for Tuesday night so I would be here for the first day of school on Wednesday and then I would go off to education week and all would be well.
Except I forgot that I have mutual on Wednesday nights that I'm supposed to attend.
Ok Ok I will go to education week during the day Wednesday and then just come home for mutual and go back and be in the dorms and the rest of the week will be fine.
Except I forgot that I have to pick Frank up from the airport since I dropped him off.
Ok Ok I will just stay home Wednesday night and pick Frank up from the airport around noon on Thursday. I will take Carter to school so that I can have my car back to drive to education week after I pick up Frank since he will need his car.
And THEN I will go to education week and stay in the dorms and all will be well.
Except now it's Thursday for heaven's sake!
Education Week is only a week long and ends on Friday.

What a week it's been.
Don't get me wrong...I've loved the classes I've taken!
But I have driven back and forth WAY more than I had originally hoped or planned.
I have walked miles and miles because you have to walk to each class around campus and the parking is far away so I'm walking to and from my car sometimes more than once.
And I have yet to even step one foot inside the dorms.
I'm pooped.

I'm off to get Frank from the airport soon
and I sure hope the rest of my week goes the way it's supposed to.
Frank will have to take Carter to school.
Ryan will have to figure out a way to get to school to buy his books.
And I will, hopefully, get to stay at Education week and sleep in the dorms with my sister and sister-in-law because that sounds so fun!

I need a nap.

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  1. Oh man! It never works out, does it? Moms are always on duty. I hope you get to stay there tonight!!