Sunday, August 23, 2015

It happened

On Saturday I went wedding dress shopping.

I can't post any pictures for obvious reasons...
the groom-to-be can't see them!

but I can say this...
I loved it.
I finally got to go wedding dress shopping!

Being the mother of four boys I have sometimes bemoaned the fact that I will never get to go prom dress or wedding dress shopping.
Unless a friend or niece or daughter-in-law to be lets me come along to theirs.

I never went wedding dress shopping when I was getting married either.
I still don't know why I didn't do that.
I mean, I know why I didn't.
I was broke and knew I couldn't afford any of those dresses.
But why didn't I do it just for fun?

I wish I had.

I figured I would get that fulfillment with my kids.
Then I had all boys.

Not too many girls invite their mother-in-law to be to go find their wedding dress.
Some do. I know.
But we will see if it happens for me.
I lived across the country when Branden and Amber were getting married so it wasn't even an option then.
Plus, even if it happens sometime for me...mothers-in-law really don't get to have an opinion in those situations.

But my niece invited me along on Saturday
and I loved it.

She looked gorgeous in everything
but you could really really tell when she found "the one"
It was so great.

Her face and eyes just changed.
She has such a cute smile whenever she looked in the mirror.

Thanks for inviting me Jaime.
I love you and I am so excited for you and your sweetie!

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