Thursday, August 13, 2015


The big Massachusetts vacation has come and gone.
It was the thing that Carter and I were both looking forward to this summer...
and it's over.

Carter went for a month and attended EFY (youth retreat) and High Adventure Scout Camp
and I went for 10 days.
My excuse for going was that I was "taking" Carter.
I mean, I had to drop him off, right?

I really enjoyed getting to see old friends.

I didn't really take time to do any sightseeing
although I had intended to do that.
In the end, I was just happy to see friends and hang out with people I like.
And I will confess, I took a nap almost every day.
It was heavenly.

My first night there I got about 10 mosquito bites as I sat outside around dusk.
Oh yeah.
What a great welcome!

I went to visit my friend from Ink About It, Karen, at her artist studio.
It was SO FUN.
And I didn't take a single picture?
seriously, so lame.
But a great afternoon nonetheless.

I loved seeing Carter having fun with his friends.

We had a couple of get togethers with various friends...
Annavon was SUCH a great friend to put me up at her house for the whole time.
She fed me, entertained me, and cooked for me.
She even had a big get together on her own birthday where she cooked for a big group.

The LeBlanc family...the nicest folks around!
 We went to the beach with the Mattinson family one day.
It was a bit overcast but we still had a great time.

I also went to the beach another day with the LeBlanc family...but apparently didn't take pictures.
I'm so annoying sometimes.
Mike and Nick getting as close to the water as possible.
I have to be sneaky to get Carter's picture these days
 Birthday party for Annavon and her daughter Lindsey!
Bro Danjou and I
 I'm sure we got a picture of all the birthday people but I only have this one of Brad and Lindsey for some reason.
Annavon was probably slaving in the kitchen!
Joint bday celebration for Lindsey, Annavon and Brad Murray 
 We enjoyed an amazing dinner of Cafe Rio Pork salads (but homemade)
and scratch cake made by Angie Murray (for her hubby's bday)
and another dessert made by Annavon but now I can't remember what it was.
See what I mean? hiding behind his phone...

Angie and me
Diane and me
 The kids were laying on the floor behind my chair playing a word game on their phones...
I was so sneaky and got a picture.
I love it.

 I dropped Lindsey and Carter off for their ride to EFY.
These two are like brother and sister and really enjoy each other's company.

Fabi Peters invited me to go to her favorite beach town, Rockport.
Unbelievably, I had never been!
We had a great afternoon of walking around, shopping and enjoying the beautiful beach town.
We had a delicious lunch too.

Fabi has wanted her picture taken on this bridge so we stopped and did that.
Unfortunately I only had my phone, not a real camera so they aren't that great...

Another day I went for a visit to Yaa.
Her husband was home that day so we had a really nice chat.

I love this girl, and she is one of the most upbeat people you will ever meet.
Not to mention gorgeous...but I try not to hold that against her.

And, of course, I had a get together with my old pals from Ink About It.
We had a barbecue at Linda's house...
We talked and laughed and enjoyed delicious food together.

I had to take a picture of the cookies Mary brought.  The container was so awesome and so Mary

Yep, took a picture while they ate.  I'm awesome that way.
 We had to take two separate group pictures since there was no one else there to capture all of us together...

Before I left town I stopped and got a few pictures from my favorite spot near my old house.
I love this pond and bridge.

I also might have stopped by my old house to snoop and see what changes they've made...

Annavon and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts before we left for the airport
well, do we need a reason?
It's Dunkin Donuts and it must be visited when in Mass.

How is this the only picture I have with Annavon when we spent everyday together?

And then I was off...

Sad to leave but so glad I got to visit so many people.

 Carter stayed on for another almost 3 weeks...

Although I wasn't there, Annavon sent me a few pictures of the kids
Carter seems to put up with her taking his picture better than he does for me taking his picture.

Yes, Carter let Lindsey put curlers in his hair...if only for a minute.

I hope to be back to visit again this next year!
It was a great time.

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