Thursday, August 13, 2015

Girls Camp 2015

I have had such a crazy, full schedule this summer!
When I write it all down it looks like all I have done is vacation, vacation, vacation.
Frank is jealous of my life.

After returning from Massachusetts,
I had a couple of weeks and then it was off to church girls camp
followed by Alaska to help Amber and Branden move.

I only went to a couple of days of girls camp this year because I had to leave for Alaska in the middle of that week.
But I had a great time for those two days...
and I'm getting to know the girls better which is nice.
There is no better way to really get to know someone than to spend a week (or even a few days) camping together.

The first day it did nothing but rain!
Rain Rain Rain!

Everything was wet and it was cold.

The rain eased so we set up all the tents...
only to have it start pouring afterwards, for hours!
There was some leaking but not too bad thankfully.

There was a lodge up the road where another group was staying
but they were nice enough to invite us to hang out there.
We stayed out on the covered porch (to give them their space)
and made a fire and played games.
The girls all had a good attitude about it and we ended up having a nice time despite the rain.

When he rain finally stopped we had a good dinner and some fireside games.

I was in charge of some team building games which ended up being pretty fun, even in the dark.

I'm sure they will be so glad I took a picture of this game.
One of the leaders wore her snuggy for the evening.
It was chilly though!

 The men helped us finish setting up including putting up some twinkle lights for us.
They were hilarious...such perfectionists!
But the lights looked great when they were done.

The next day was gorgeous!
 We were super lucky to have a boat with us for girls' camp too.
I went out with a group that day and we had so much fun tubing and enjoying the gorgeous weather.


I was wishing I could stay all week because I love girls camp!

But I headed out at dinner time on Tuesday for
Amber's goodbye party
and then off to Alaska on Wednesday...

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