Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Two exciting things today:

First, its Ryan's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Ryan!
He's living far away in Utah so I hope he had a good day.
But I don't really know.

We tried to call, several times actually.
But either his phone stinks or ours do.
Because we never managed a full conversation.

Next year we will hopefully live in the same state and I can bake him a cake.

The second exciting thing is:

Carter got his driver's permit today!

We went yesterday to take the test
but arrived too late
apparently no tests are allowed after 4 PM since they close at 5
We got to the front of the line at 3:58
and were turned away!
rip off

We were both disappointed.

But today, we did the smart thing
and skipped some school
to be sure we'd arrive in plenty of time.

But seriously, he passed the test no problem
which doesn't help with the whole
"you really should study"
thing I keep trying to tell him.

But anyway

In other Carter news:

We have spent a lot of time in the last week
sorting Legos
He's got 4 kids worth of Legos
that we don't really want to move...
So, we're sorting and finding pieces to sets that he wants to take.
And he occasionally talks about how we really should just move them all.

He has trouble letting go of things...

As proof of that,
here we have Luigi

Yes, I took pictures of Luigi so that I could throw him away finally
But when Carter took out the trash
he saw him in there
and brought him back in the house!

He said, "He's a childhood memory! You have to keep him forever"

And so he's sitting on my kitchen counter
(yes, after being in the trash can)
until I can sneak him to the trash when Carter isn't looking.

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  1. Happt Birthday to Ryan and congrats to carter! Driving is SO exciting!

    Also you should keep those legos. You have grandkids now!