Friday, June 20, 2014

And the car is gone!

Today Frank's car was picked up for shipment across the country.

We had to meet the truck out on the road since our little development 
has a "no trucks" sign.

It was cool to watch our car get loaded onto the big truck.

As it was getting loaded, a family walked by
they told their kids "look they are taking the cars away"
and I, wanting to be friendly to the passers-by
said, "yep, they are taking our car"
The parents got these looks on their faces...
and said (in their saddest voices)
"Oh I'm so sorry"
"I'm really sorry"
and kept on saying these things as they walked past...until I couldn't hear them anymore.

And that's when I realized that they thought our car was being repossessed.

Oh my gosh.
So funny!

Bye Bye Car!
I'm so glad we still own you.

See you in Utah!


  1. Hilarious! Did you chase them down? would've wanted to.

  2. That is funny....we had mine carried to TX....when it arrives its like seeing an old friend..