Thursday, June 12, 2014

Road Trip!

I am in the process of planning the cross country road trip
that Carter and I will be taking when we move to Utah.

It's harder than I thought it would be.

I have to:
Decide how far I'm willing to drive each day
 Choose what hotel to stay in when I do stop 
Make reservations
Decide what sights I want to see
Figure out what sights are worth adding hours to my trip
Find out what relatives/friends live along the way that I can visit and/or mooch a night's sleep from

There are so many things that I want to see!
But I know that realistically I will get sick of driving and just want to get there

So I don't want to over-plan this thing.

Plus whenever I ask Carter if he wants to see a certain place
He always responds, "I don't care"


My dear hubby, just to add to the fun, keeps saying things like
"this will go in the car with you"
as he is packing boxes from the house.

I have a tiny car now.
But I think I'll be hauling all kinds of household crap.

Where am I gonna fit my 2400 miles worth of snacks??


  1. We live in Denver. You are welcome here if you want!

  2. You'll have to wear a fanny pack for your snacks. Ha! Are you guys doing a self-move? (Like U-Haul I mean?) I say plan what day you're leaving and what day you want to arrive and then let that determine your route. If you only have 5 days to get there, you can't drive to the largest ball of twine in Kansas because it's just too far out of your way. Even though I know you're dying to see it. So take one extra day to go to Nauvoo and any other nearby church history sites and then just drive drive drive. :)