Friday, June 13, 2014

Packing with Debbie

Here is what it is like to pack up a house when you are me.

Carefully wrap and pack all of the A/V components.
Tape the crap out of the box.

Realize a few minutes later that you left out the remote controls.
Open box
Insert remote controls.
Tape the crap out of the box.

Be proud.
Show hubby your awesome packing job.

Lay down for a rest.

Realize suddenly that you forgot to remove the cable card from the Tivo box.
Even though the very last thing you thought before loading that particular box was
"I sure am glad the Verizon guy reminded me to remove the cable card.  I would have totally forgotten that."

Decide that since the Tivo was the first thing you loaded it makes sense to turn the box upside down to open it up.
Do that.

Pull out:
DVD player

and realize

The Tivo was not the first thing you loaded into the box

So, you have just completely unloaded the dang box because you opened the bottom!

Unwrap Tivo from all the careful packaging.
Remove cable card.

Reload the box and realize that things don't fit like they did before.

Tape the crap out of the box.

Feel less proud.
But more box has been packed.
So that's something.

Because, what fun is it to be a forgetful dork if you don't share the experience?

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