Monday, June 30, 2014

My wisdom for today.

My aunt once told me that babies were a trick that God plays on us...
because they are so cute and we want them so much...
but then they turn into kids, teenagers and young adults!

Some days I truly feel tricked.
And I feel the pain and heartache that kids bring into our lives.

Other days its all good.
And I feel the love and fun that kids bring into our lives.

You raise them thinking
"these are the hard days"
"when they grow up it will all be worth it"

And then they grow up
and still cause you heartache
and stress
and worry

but now

You have very little influence.

And you can tell they think you don't know what you are talking about
or that what you are saying is irrelevant to them.

So whether we have little kids
or youngish kids
young adults

We just have to...

Enjoy them.

Every stage has its trials.

We have to find a way to enjoy.


  1. Ugh. I keep thinking it's going to get easier!

    1. Easier in some ways, harder in others. But it just changes...never is easy I don't think. It's a TRICK and we've been had.