Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Putting my feet up and other goings on

I'm sitting in a chair with my feet up.

I mean, I deserve it...I packed two whole boxes today.

Here is the view from where I sit.

My house has become a complete pile of rubbish.
Boxes, mail, stuff that needs to be packed, bags of stuff to give away, tape, scissors, packing paper...
its just everywhere!

I can't take it.

I keep rearranging and vacuuming around it.
But we've just reached that point where there's no way to pretend its a normal living situation.


My good friend Bro. Danjou came over today and fixed the drawers on my buffet.
There was a twisted piece of wood that just warped over time and couldn't really be fixed properly.
It caused the drawers to stick and it looked weird too.
Since Bro. Danjou is an amazing woodworker, he fixed it right up and now my drawers work
and it looks a lot better too!

It's good to have skilled friends.

Frank's tomato plants are looking mighty fine!

Too bad he's moving and will never eat a tomato from these fine plants.
Our neighbors will enjoy them though.

Do you know what I dread packing and moving?
My ginormous mirror.
It weighs a ton.
It's breakable.
I spent waaaay too many hours of my life making it so I am attached to it.
But, seriously, UGH

I took Carter driving on the freeway for the first time today.
It's amazing how stressful that is.
He did really great but I felt like I needed a nap afterwards!
(Now you know the real reason I am putting my feet up)

Frank's car is getting shipped to Utah tomorrow.
So until we leave, we'll be a one car family.
Wish us luck!
Or maybe I should just say wish ME luck...
I'm used to having my freedom and I have a feeling I'm gonna be stuck at home a lot.

The End


  1. Just put those tomato plants in the car with you! Heh.

    Driving on the freeway is SO scary, good for both of you!

    I hate being a one car family. We did it for a year while we saved for our minivan before Zoe was born and it was the worst...even though Dave got the raw end of the deal, walking a mile each way to the train station and taking the train every day. Still hated it.

    still love that mirror. Drop it off in Gallup when you get sick of it.

    My house is always a pile of rubbish. I give up. We have this armoir in our bedroom full of blankets and sheets and last week I was sitting on my bed and the doors swung open and everything slowly toppled out, including the shelves. The little plastic hooks that held the shelves in place just snapped and everything came tumbling out. This was on Friday June 6th. The pile is still sitting there because I don't know how to fix it (although now I know I can get replacement pieces at Home Depot thanks to alice). I give up.

    1. The description of your armoire really had me laughing!