Sunday, June 8, 2014

Selling stuff

Just like the last time we moved
(only 18 months ago?)
we are downsizing.

Which means we are selling and giving away a lot of things.

Selling things on craigslist is...
a pain in the rear.

There's the whole "take a bunch of pictures" part
then write an ad
field calls and or emails
or worry at the lack of calls and or emails
set up appointments
have them come or not show at all
sell your stuff
have them reject your stuff

I'm tired.

So lots of times I resort to just giving stuff away.
We do this a few ways here at the Hill house.

1. Savers-fairly easy.  Load up the car.  Drive 20-ish minutes to Savers and unload.
Done.  Helped people with Epilepsy (not exactly sure how but that's what the sign says).

2. Freecycle- similar to craigslist in that I have to take pictures, field emails with questions,  set up appointments and deal with no-shows.  Works great for bigger items that I can't load into the car.

3.  My church family- we have a yahoo group for our church congregation and I will sometimes post an email there saying I have these free things...who wants them?  I almost always find a home for things.  It's getting them to their new home that's the problem.  Some things I take to church and have the person get it from me.  Sometimes people come here.  But either way it all has to be worked out.

It's a lot of work to give away your stuff!

I recently came across a platter that is quite lovely
but we just don't use it.
Like never.
I see it in the cupboard and always choose something else.
It has no edges so stuff can just fall off the sides.
It's pretty and I'm afraid to break it.
I don't want it anymore.

It wasn't quite worth a trip to Savers by itself
and I didn't want to keep it around until I had a carload.
Once I make these decisions, it's just best to act immediately.
So I went to a little shop nearby that sells things on consignment.
I've bought things there before...
it's a cute little shop.

I walked in and handed her the lovely platter and said
"can I give this to you?"
She was a little confused, since she isn't a thrift store.
So she asked me if I wanted to open an account.
Just want to give you a lovely platter that you can sell for whatever you want.

In the end, she took it and thanked me for thinking of her.

And I drove the 2 miles back to my house with a smile and a sigh of relief.

One less thing to pack.

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