Thursday, June 26, 2014

An excuse to buy stuff

Since I am about to do a big cross country drive
I decided that was a good excuse to buy some stuff.

I haven't bought anything at all in quite awhile
because nothing makes you hate your stuff more than moving!
and I do not want more stuff.


Driving across country is a big venture
and I decided I "needed" a couple of things for my car.

I got:
a cute hanging trash bag from Etsy
(hasn't arrived yet but here's a picture from Etsy)

A magnetic holder for my iPhone
since that's what I'll be using as my GPS, I figured it would be nice to have it up and easily visible

I already like it a lot!

And a charger/plug for the car that fits into my cup holder

My car has a plethora of cup holders so I love to find things that tuck away into a cup holder.
Handy but not in my way!

Here you can see it in place.
So perfect.
It has several USB slots and one regular plug.
That way Carter can watch movies on my laptop or iPad while we drive.

I got so excited a few months ago when I found the tissues that fit into the cup holder.
I still love them.

I have given up gum, so I now have a cup holder available for some new gadget.

I wonder what it will be?

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  1. I want that charger! Super cool! I'm adding it to my wish list right now.