Monday, June 23, 2014


Carter turned 16 at the beginning of June.

He got his permit two days later.
And he now drives almost everywhere in my little blue car.
Not even embarrassed of my girly car.

When I asked him if he felt older, he said "no"
What the heck?
Wrong answer.

Sixteen is a big one.

He had a surprise party with friends.
And then kind of a quiet actual birthday with me.
(Dad was out of town)

I told him the story of my 16th birthday
when my brothers and Dad asked us to wait for a commercial to blow out the candles.
They were watching football.
And how we didn't have candles so my sister
took the huge candelabra and shoved it into the center of my cake.
Good times.
Not really.

Middle child.
I have all kinds of issues.

Anyway...back to Carter...

This last Sunday, when his Dad was finally in town
He was ordained to be a Priest at church.

He's a good kid.
A little snarky at times but mostly agreeable.
Kinda lazy...but he comes by it naturally (ahem. me.)
Super duper close to getting his Eagle Scout.
And I will kill him if he doesn't.
Loves The Office and Psych.

He's also so darn cute
(but, really, all my boys are exceedingly handsome)

My picture taken isn't so great.
But you get the idea.
I've become a lazy, phone user when it comes to pictures.



  1. WOW do those guys look handsome, love that picture. It is so weird to be the youngest at home with your two parents. I did it for almost 3 years and it was weird! But really nice, too. He's lucky to get to do that.

    1. I think there are definitely times that he wishes his siblings were around. But there's no denying the perks of being the last kid either! He's looking forward to seeing his brothers more after we move...