Wednesday, July 2, 2014

t-minus 12 days

A couple of days ago I finally packed the tivo, cables for the tv, computer, and monitor.
Let the withdrawal begin!
(but not really, because I have an iPad)
Next week when I have to return the router, THEN we'll be in trouble.
My iPad only works on wifi.

I got to FaceTime with my little Isabelle
She didn't know what to make of me...I think I got a hint of a smile a couple of times.
And she talked up a storm.
I'm pretty excited for her to get to know me and most of all, like me. haha
Frank says she's already warming up to him.
So fun!

We got a new shed.

At our new house in Utah.
Frank arrived in Utah and got right to work.
He rented a dumpster to remove all of the crap that was left inside and outside of the shed.
It was a lot of crap.

Once he was able to see the shed he realized it was basically rotten.
So he had it torn down and bought a new one.
They built it on site today.

That man wastes no time.


My brother, Daren, came to visit today. 
We only got to hang out for a few hours but it was nice.
We went to the John F. Kennedy library and museum.
I have never been there so YAY for seeing a cool Boston site that I've never seen!
Then, like the geniuses we are, we drove back to Westford to have lunch and ice cream at Kimballs.
It was delicious (of course).
And we drove back to Boston to take him to the airport.

Lots of cool stuff from the election 

A piece of the Berlin Wall

 It was a super cool building!

The time with my brother was worth the extra gas.
Plus, he bought our ice cream.

I haven't been sleeping
Staying awake until 3 a.m.
Waking up at 5
My brain won't turn off.
I'm redecorating in my head.
But I think I won't be redecorating when I get there because my husband is busy redecorating
the yard and garage instead.

The only thing left to pack is a few cabinets in the kitchen!
I'm so close.

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  1. Somehow I hadn't realized he's already there, but may I say, the new shed is LOADS better. Well done, Frank. that building IS cool and the ice cream is totally worth it.