Monday, June 15, 2015

Then this kid came home

Austin showed up at our house Friday morning!

We knew he would be coming sometime in June but he never told us exactly when.
He decided to surprise us!

He and his two friends Dan and Connor got a ride share from craigslist
to Utah from Oregon where they have been living and working on an organic farm.

The ride share dropped them at the freeway exit in our town but still a few miles from our house.
Since Austin wanted to surprise us, they walked to our house rather than call for a ride.
Which totally backfired on them.
Because Frank was out
I was gone for my morning walk
and both of the other boys were sleeping.

So they came home to what appeared to be an empty house!
Not the exciting welcome he was looking for.

But he's here and we are happy to be spending some time together.

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