Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cuteness at the airport

While we were waiting for Carter to go on his birthday flight,
I took some pictures of Isabelle and Branden being cute together.

Isabelle had a completely messy face
And she (of course) had a messy diaper basically the minute Carter got in the airplane.
(for his 45 minute plane ride)

So... that was awesome.

When I asked Branden if he brought any "supplies" he responded
"NO! I'm not a mom"
Such a proud moment for me...

Anyway, they were super cute together.

In the way of toddlers, she went from happy to really sad in just a moment.
Still cute to a Grandma though.

and then back to happy

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  1. I would be sad sitting in a messy diaper too! Ha! So cute though.