Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Week! Episode 1-Amber

It's birthday week here at the Hill household.
Within a week, we have 3 birthdays
(and an anniversary)
so over the years it has been a very cake filled time.
(and that was before we added Amber to the same week!)

Now that everyone is getting older, we aren't having quite as much cake
but we are still having lots of activity, food, and treats.

We will start with Amber.
She is the big 2-3 this year....I know, so young.

As I mentioned previously we were up at Bear Lake for her actual birthday.
We came home that afternoon...
So the rest of that day was kind of low key
although I did give her my present since it appeared that Branden was planning to give her presents the following day at her party.
And that just seemed sad.
Since they are moving and don't want more stuff
I am giving her an afternoon out with a girlfriend.

Sunday we had a big family party
with my family and her family over.

It was fun just to be together and talk and eat delicious burgers barbecued by Frank.
This is the family singing to Amber
(just pictures, not a video...you are lucky!)

I made Texas Sheet Cake which she requested since it's something her mom has made for her in the past.  
It was yummy.

Happy 23 Amber!

You are awesome.
We all love you.
I will miss you terribly when you move away
and I know my boys will too!

But I'm not thinking about that yet...


  1. Oh man, 23? With 2 kids? She must be much more mature than I was at that age. :)

  2. Als, happy birthday! Looks like fun!