Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Week! Episode 2-Carter

Carter turned 17 yesterday.

I won't go into all that stuff that I'm feeling about my baby being 17.

I did a somewhat lame version of my birthday signs...
no cute sayings or anything clever.
But, the kids seem to be fine with less "Mom cuteness" in their lives now.

He asked to go to Brazilian Barbecue for his birthday dinner.
He regularly asks to go to Brazilian Barbecue because he loves it,
 but it is so dang expensive that we mostly just laugh at him.
But for his birthday I said yes.

Since Dad is out of town, he invited his girlfriend.

I won't go into all that stuff I'm feeling about my baby having a girlfriend.

Here's what I have to say about dinner at the Brazilian Barbecue:

But everyone enjoyed it so I guess that is what matters.
Here is the group at the restaurant:

A couple of weeks ago when I was asking Carter what he wanted for his birthday he told me about this introductory flight at the local college.
They take you up with a flight instructor for 30 minutes.
I'm sure the goal is to get people to take the classes and lessons for a private pilot's license.
But it did sound like a fun gift.
Lessons will be on his own dime if he decides he's hooked.

So today was his flight.

I was nervous but basically kept my mouth shut.
I think.
I don't really remember now.

The plane was so tiny!

That's my kid...in the sky!

They took him up and into the canyon.
He got to take control of the plane a few times I guess.
The pilot did a dive.
or two.
He was given a barf bag and told that most people don't think they'll need it, but they do.
He didn't.
Yes, that's right.
Safely back on the ground

helping to move the plane back into position and locking it into place

Looks like he had a great time!

Another birthday success.


  1. Carter has a girlfriend?! Weird! and cute! I love the flight idea. I gave that to my dad for father's day one year and he loved it so much.

    1. It is weird! My BABY has a girlfriend.