Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Frisbee Golf

Last night Frank asked me, "What should we do for family home evening?"
I said, "I was thinking we could play frisbee golf"

He agreed that it was a good idea.
I recommended walking to the local middle school where I'm sure they have an open field we could use.
Amber mentioned that there was an actual frisbee golf course down south in Provo that we could try out.
Frank said, "Let's go to the American Fork Canyon!"

I told him that I didn't think there were any big open spaces for frisbee throwing in the canyon.  And my original thought was to have a pretty low key, easy kind of activity...like going to a place that was walking distance away.

However, I gave in to his desire to go to the canyon.  He said the canyon was calling to him.  Who am I to deny someone the call of the canyon?

We loaded up the babies, the boys, the strollers, diaper bag, bottles, binkies, frisbees, jackets...you get the drift.

The canyon was, as usual, very pretty.  
The mountains are so amazing and majestic and I never get tired of them.

When we arrived at the intended location I told Frank that I was pretty sure there was no big open space here.  He assured me that, yes, if we just hike up a short distance there was a field.  We've been there before...I remember it more like a smallish swampy area...but ok.

and so we began our hike.

Isabelle quickly lost her footing and fell down.  So up on my shoulders she went.

 We gave up on the stroller early on.  
Amber carried Kaylee and Carter carried the stroller since it wouldn't roll in the rough terrain.  
After a while, we stuck it behind a tree.

 The trail was windy, rocky and very narrow.

When we arrived at the "meadow" (which had knee high grasses) Austin threw his frisbee and it went right over the river.  No one wanted to get it.  All the other frisbees got left behind with the stroller.

Carter found a tick on his leg.
The "meadow" was not very big.
Amber didn't want to put Isabelle down due to possible poison oak.
 we had no stroller and there was no where to put Kaylee down since sitting her in grass over her head seemed like a bad idea.

Frank did finally realize that this was not going to work.

So after retrieving the frisbee with a branch, we took a quick picture and headed back.

Austin took over the job of four wheeling with the stroller
 (once we removed it from it's perch behind a tree)

Honestly, it was a beautiful hike.
Lots of gorgeous wildflowers.
We even came across two different brides having pictures taken.

And, not gonna lie, we did harass Frank a little bit over his choice of places for frisbee golf.
He took it well.
Overall a fun, if not exactly what we had planned, family activity.

Afterwards we picked Ryan up from work and went out for ice cream.

All's well that ends well.


  1. Anything that ends with ice cream is fun, right? Although this really doesn't sound fun to me. :)