Sunday, June 21, 2015

The last week

So here are a few tidbits from the last week.
I always think that my life is so dull and there is nothing to write about,
but when I look back there is always something that I realize I should write about
or some activity I want to remember.

Branden and Amber went to Michigan to visit Amber's family last week.
When they got back, I was amazed to see that both girls looked different!
After only a week.
So I don't know how I will survive them living in Alaska.

Kaylee has figured out crawling.
She is taking a little longer but she is slowly but surely figuring things out.
She's such a cute girl and always ready with a smile.
She loves pat-a-cake and bubbles and swinging.
She babbles and talks a lot. She says a few different words.

Isabelle is talking more and more.
Lots of new words every day.
She asks to go out and do bubbles.
She asks to pick strawberries
and the newest activity...playing in the hose.
She's really fun.


Austin and his friends came from Oregon as I mentioned previously.
His two friends only stayed for the weekend and we dropped them off by the side of a highway so they could make their way to Colorado.
Austin is meeting them in Chicago at the beginning of July.

It was fun having them all here.
I told them I had to take their picture before they left so I could tell their mothers that they were alive and well.

This is their "Power Strangers" pose

putting up with me...
Here we are at the spot where I dropped them.  It was a small store on the side of the road by the highway they wanted to take to Colorado. 
As we chatted, we noticed that the window behind them said "Adventure".
These guys sure do live an adventurous life.

Connor packing the food into his bag

I have been dieting.
Actively trying to lose weight.
It's actually going pretty's been a long time coming.
I gained weight when Frank was sick and have never really tried to get it off.
I am walking with a neighbor every morning.
Watching what I eat.
Actually NOT eating the donuts and the cake and the bread.

Luckily for him, Frank was out of town for the first few days of the "diet"...
he missed me at my crankiest.

Next week is my Dad's 80th birthday party and I've already decided that I will allow myself a piece of his cake.
Not 3 pieces.
Wish me luck.


My hair is almost long enough to go in a pony tail.


Ok that last bit of info might not be a good way to end a post where I'm trying to show that my life isn't dull.


  1. I don't know how you stand it when your kids hitchhike to Colorado! I mean, I know Austin wasn't with them, but that's what he's doing right? Oh the worry. :/

    I think it's time for me to lose weight. I have made a lot of excuses but I really think it's time. But it's so hard!

    How old is Kaylee? I keep hoping Finn will start crawling but he's still pretty young I guess.

    1. kaylee is 15 months old so she is definitely taking her sweet time. But she seems to be doing a lot of the right things, just at her own pace.