Sunday, April 26, 2015


My youngest child went to Junior Prom last night.

I had hopes for lovely pictures of the couple.
A few pictures of him in his tux.
Nice pictures of the corsage.
(we had the little puzzle piece she used to answer his prom invite put into her corsage...such a cute idea, I hope she liked it)

Instead of getting a good picture of the corsage, I snapped one when Carter wasn't looking.
I didn't even open the case.
See the cute puzzle piece in there?

This particular kid hates having his picture taken more than my other kids.
So, I am hoping other parents got some picture that they will share with me.

The cute couple!
It just isn't worth the struggle and pain to get him to stand for a picture for me.

Frank and I went to the location where they were planning to take pictures of the whole group.
I didn't see any other parents
(maybe they came later?)
and no one seemed to want to pose or get a group shot.
I am not pushy, generally, so I didn't force myself on anyone...even though I wanted pictures
of this event.

My youngest child going to Prom.

I cut off their feet! oy

I took a few (not very good) shots of Carter and his date.
I took a few shots of their group standing around talking.
He's smiling at least.
My standards are not very high for pictures of this kid.

(Not much hope of good photos when you just try to be unobtrusive and shoot them wherever they happen to be standing.)

And I left.

I haven't heard how Prom went yet, it's Sunday morning and everyone else is still asleep.

We'll see how many, if any, details I get.

4 kids and I still don't have this teenager thing figured out.

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  1. I think you got some great pictures! Also, you're not giving me much hope for the grown-up years for my kids. Ha! Also, I would've been the pushy parent. You KNOW all those girls wanted a big group shot but nobody wanted to say it. That way it's a win-win. The pushy mom pushes for it, everybody groans, and everybody's happy. :)