Monday, May 11, 2015

Gifts for mom

Mother's Day
It sucks.
Generally speaking
for me
I know some of you love it and get pampered and all that
but this is not how I feel about it.

I've had good years
I've had bad years

But, let's be honest here, my kids are not that good at it.
the whole "pamper mom" thing
the whole "be grateful for mom" thing
is not their strong suit.

It's probably my fault somehow.

Frank usually does a good job though...
and tries to make up for the kids.

He gets them to pitch in with making me dinner.
I have gotten breakfast in the past.
He reminds them to get me/make me a card.
He buys me a present of some sort.

I'm grateful for his efforts.

Let's talk about this year.

This year I discovered that a couple of women from my church
always go away for Mother's Day weekend.
They leave the family and kids and expectations
and they go to Park City.
they relax, shop, eat out and watch movies
I can get behind that kind of Mother's Day plan.

So I went.
It was awesome.

I told Frank in advance that he would not have to make any meals for Mother's Day 
because I would be gone most of the day and then we were planning to go to my sister's house around dinner time.

After my fab weekend I came home to discover my favorite gift

Frank had ripped out the bushes in our front yard!

Here is the before:
Big, overgrown bushes that covered the window.
I was so happy!

I also found this:
A lovely bouquet, dark chocolate covered pretzels and really sweet note from Branden.
Homemade cookies and note from Amber (not in the picture...sorry)
See's from Frank.
I also had a nice phone conversation with Austin who is currently in Oregon.

I got early morning texts from Carter and Ryan.
"Happy Mother's Day" 
"Happy Mother's Day, Weirdy"
(you'll just have to believe me when I say that's a term of endearment)

Not too shabby.

We didn't end up staying at my sisters for very long because Isabelle has some sort of stomach flu and was throwing up.  Not good.
So it turned out that we were home at dinner time.

So, Frank made me a cherry pie.
Yes, I had cherry pie for dinner!
It was delicious.

I asked Carter if his homework was done...
(he probably thinks that the only thing I know how to say to him)
and he said, " I did it this morning as a mother's day gift to you" 

All in all, a successful Mother's Day.
I'm glad its over.


  1. Wonderful Debbie, you deserve a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of going away for Mother's Day. Leave the expectations and disappointment behind! But, my family actually did really well this year. I still cooked and did dishes (I accidentally signed up for the missionaries not realizing what day it was) but it was a good day. I didn't get See's, but still good. :)