Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter fun

 On the Saturday before Easter
we had a fun little Easter Egg Hunt with the grandkids.

I can't take credit for any of it.
Amber bought the candy.
Decorated eggs.
Hid them.
And then invited us.

Isabelle loved it!

I loved that we could be there for it.

Although Kaylee didn't do any egg hunting,
she did enjoy the nice weather and fun times in the swing.

I even got my very own hand painted egg with m&m's inside.

Since I have two old "kids" in my house now...
the easter goodies were pretty low key.
One might even say they were kinda lame.

Carter's goodies were in a basket that I already have around the house
and Ryan got some in a bowl.

The tradition is that their baskets are hidden and they have to look for them.
I "hid" them on the dining room table. 

But I had a pretty good reason for being so simple
We left on Easter morning for a little family vacation!
more on that later...

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  1. I love it when toddlers go easter egg hunting. It's just the cutest thing when they realize they're hunting for candy!