Monday, April 20, 2015

Eagle Project

On Saturday (April 18)
we completed Carter's Eagle Project.

The write up still has to be done
and the board of review
does it feel good to have the project done!

We met with a man who is on the board for an Emergency Preparedness group.
They keep tractor trailers with emergency supplies in various locations around the state.
When a natural disaster or other emergency comes up,
they can just drive one of these trailers to the site of the emergency.

One of their trailers had begun to sink into the dirt at the location where it is stored.
and was tilting precariously

the sinking trailer

the boxes inside were also placed in an unorganized way
and an inventory needed to be done for tax purposes.

In addition,
there was a big ol' pile of junk
mostly tents and stuff that had all been donated after being used in Afghanistan
that needed to be either stored better
or thrown away.

This was the project.

And a big project it was!

We had a great turnout of people
so we were optimistic at the start...
but we sure needed every person!

It was heavy work lifting boxes and stacking them for organizing and inventory.

at the beginning when the piles were small...

Simultaneously we were loading trucks with the debris next to the trailer

Once the trailer was empty, a couple of truckers came to jack the trailer up and put shoring underneath.
I was SO glad we didn't have to do that part.

They brought a fork lift and it didn't take long at all.

Then we had to inventory and place the boxes back in an organized way.
The inventory itself was time consuming and occasionally confusing.
But we got it done.

Carter writing inventory numbers on boxes


reloading the truck with the seemingly never ending pile of boxes!

All shored up!
The finished product was a nice, organized and level truck! 

We were so grateful for all the help!

Here's a picture of our happy and tired crew!
(minus a few that had to leave early)

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  1. Oh man. This is the reason I didn't want 3 boys. Ugh! :) Way to go though, Hill family. So impressive. Dave helped with a project last summer where only he and one other guy showed up, and they were toting bags of CEMENT up a mountain. Literally. He was putting benches in along a trail up to chimney rock, a pretty hard hike, and Dave and this other guy each carried 6 or 7 bags of cement, but the bags were heavy enough they could only do one at a time. So they hiked it 7 times! Ouch! Lucky you guys had some help.