Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stolen post alert.

I stole this entire post from Amber's blog.

I loved it so much.

I print out my blog every year so I wanted to make sure I had this post forever and ever.

Without further ado, I give you Amber's blog post:

Lets see that Duckface

A few weeks ago a family friend came over for Sunday dinner. After dinner Arthur read Isabelle some books and then taught her a new art form...
The art, of the duck face selfie
It was super cute:
On Monday I learned that she still remembers this life skill. As soon as the realizes a selfie is being taken, she breaks out the duck face-- and it never fails:
trying to do a normal selfie

I decided to conform for one

she is just too cute

 Haha! she would not just smile for me. Man! she could hold the duck face for a very very long time, as long as the camera was pointed at her on selfie mode.
Shes a cutie!

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