Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Birthday activities

Before we talk about Branden's birthday...

A little while ago Frank asked me if I had a lesson prepared for family home evening.
I told him that I did have an activity planned...
we were going to buy me a hammock!

He didn't really think that counted as a fun family activity but we still went.
And I now have a hammock hanging in my back yard.

Proof of my hammock:

Must be comfy!

For Branden's birthday I gave him the gift of letting him take me on a short ride on his motorcycle.
I do not love motorcycles, or danger, or death.
So this was truly a gift to him.

No one took a picture though so I have no proof that I did it.
but I did.

Afterwards he took his wife on a ride.
I took a picture of that.

Branden, on his birthday, about to give Amber a ride on the bike.
zooming away

On his birthday we celebrated with
his favorite dinner made by Amber
playing in the backyard
(how many 26-year-old parties do you know that include bubbles and 4 kids under 3?)
and then he and friends played video games.

Never too old for legos!



swordfighting is a normal thing to do, right?

Making good use of the hammock!

He is now so old that he has aged out of our insurance.
On his own, officially.

So it makes perfect sense that only a couple of days after this momentous birthday,
he had an accident on his motorcycle 
and broke his hand.
Well, we don't KNOW that its broken because
of course
he hasn't gone to the doctor.

No insurance.

And he is just that type of person...
just because you get in a bike accident and just because your hand is swollen and painful
doesn't mean you should go to the doctor.
Get real.

When he was hit by a car his freshman year of college
he got up, bleeding, and went to his dorm.
Not the doctor.
He had insurance then...


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  1. He got hit by a car?! What the? Crazy. I hate motorcycles but I also love them. So fun, but so dangerous. That cheesecake looks awesome. Also, that picture of Isabelle on his shoulders laughing is frameable! Cutest picture ever!