Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shhh...It's a quiet book.

 I decided that I wanted to make quiet books for the girls for their birthdays.
I had no idea what I was getting into!

I had a lot of fun making them...
and I am not done.
I have found so many cute ideas online that I just can't stop myself.

The majority of my ideas/patterns (including instructions for the covers) came from one blog
Imagine our life
She's a genius with ideas for these books.
I did find ideas in other places too though.
I'll put links to those places as we go along.

Here are the covers

I made a page with each of their names.
Everything is hooked with snaps and can be removed and/or rearranged.

Peak-a-boo page
They can put their hands inside the mittens too.
Got the idea here

I had to make a cherry pie page, of course!
The crust looks more delicious in real life...looks grey/gross here! haha
They can weave the crust top as an activity.
Idea/pattern here

I just googled for a safari coloring book page to make this one.
I was down to using scraps so the ground is a little wonky looking.
There are elephants in the little pocket to play with and rearrange.

A matchbox car with roads.

Isabelle's name page

My favorite!
Matching socks from Imagine our Life.
The socks go in the dryer and then connect to their match with magnets.

I made a replica of Isabelle's own shoes for this one.
(Carter gave her orange Vans for Christmas)
eeeek so cute!
Shoe pattern from here

This is another one from Imagine Our Life.
Cookies with a spatula

The second page has the cookie sheet with colored buttons for matching.
You can also "dip" the cookies in the milk
Isabelle loves this one and dips the cookies and pretends to eat them.

Too old for them now but an easy page to do.

Isabelle loves dogs so I made this one with the collar that she can buckle/unbuckle.
The tongue and tag can move also.
Idea/pattern here

This one is my creepiest page...
I didn't mean for it to be creepy, but it is.
Still, playing with hair barrettes and clips should be fun.
Saw a similar page online and just sort of copied it...didn't have a pattern.

Money sorting and piggy bank from Imagine our life.
This one is too old for them also right now but it was so cute
and it was the first page I did since it looked fairly easy.
I figured if it turned out ok and wasn't too hard I would keep going.
The pig is a little crooked on the page but otherwise it was fun to make.

There's a clear vinyl pocket that the money goes into. 
Velcro holds it in.

Hanging clothes on a clothesline.
I realized after making it that these kids are not familiar with clotheslines!
Oh well.
Idea/pattern here

There you have it!
I'm hooked.
I'll try not to overwhelm Amber with too many pages...
but I do have more planned and started.

Luckily they are held together with binder rings so she can take pages in and out to keep things interesting.


  1. Can I pay you to make one for grace? Too much work!

  2. These are absolutely the cutest ones I have seen, Deb! The girls will, love them.

  3. Oh man, I WANT ONE OF THOSE SO BADLY. but not badly enough to do it myself. I'm with Ellen. :) I love the socks!