Monday, April 13, 2015

Our Little Family Vacay

We went on a quick little family vacation this week.

We had a hard time coming up with a plan
but after much difficulty
Frank just took matters into his own hands and decided that we were going to 
Zion's National Park.

Amber's family has gone there a number of times
to camp and hike.
She knew all about that place...
so it was great to get advice on the best places to hike.

We drove down on Easter morning
(and Isabelle's birthday)
so that we could listen to conference in the car 
and get there in time for a relaxing evening.

On day one,
we separated into two groups.
Amber, Ryan, myself and the girls
all hiked together to the start of The Narrows.

It's very pretty and also stroller friendly.

We stopped and played near the water for a bit.
It was COLD water.

Frank, Branden and Carter did the Angel's Landing hike.
Their pictures and videos stress me out.
I'll post some once I get them from Frank.

Branden, Amber and the kids left that night...
Branden had plans for doing lots of work on his car during his time off school and work.
We'll see how much he gets done with the hand.

The rest of us went hiking some more the next day...
along the river

and then up to the Emerald Pools.

Ryan and Carter beat us to the top, of course.

I forced them to take some group photos, of course.

It was a perfect, gorgeous day.

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  1. Dave did Angels Landing with my brothers a few years ago and it stresses me out just thinking about it. So scary. People die there REGULARLY. Like every year. Ugh. Pretty hikes though!